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Camping with Gym Husband

So a lot to write about but we’ll see how much I get out here.

First, this past weekend was memorial day and I went camping with GYM HUSBAND. Can you believe it? You might not remember him but when I first moved to Vallejo there was this super cute guy I would ALWAYS see at the gym. I left a note on his car, he texted me and then moved to Hawaii. When i was in Hawaii with Army the three of us had dinner. Gym husband recently moved back to Vallejo. We were texting late last week and I randomly asked him to go camping with me and he said yes.. .Which was super crazy.

I picked him up early Sat morning and he was his typical LOUD AF self on the drive up there, he’s very talkative and we chatted the whole way there. Got there, found an amazing camp site and then went for a hike. Google maps routes us through some really CRAZy off roading but thankfully my truck handled it NO PROBLEM. We got to the hike and he was kind of embarrassing. He kept WHOOPING and HOLLARING randomly. We did the hike and then headed back to camp. I cooked us dinner and he did dishes, So cute. 😉

After that we just hung around the camp fire chatting and then when it got cold we went to bed. We were laying in bed and he kept complaining that his dick was so cold that it was hard (no sense there) so I reached over and touched it, of course. After that I gave him a “massage” as he calls it. All the while he just laid there and didn’t do anything. No recip, no noises, no actions. Just laid there like a dead fish. Eventually he came and we went to bed.

Sun morning we got up and he cooked breakfast (again super cute). We went and did two nice hikes and then went to the lake and hung up hammocks and just relaxed. From there back to camp, made dinner and then hung out again. The whole day he kept referring back to the “massage” and hinting he wanted more. But honestly it’s pretty clear he has some very repressed sexual issues. Like he just wants someone to WORSHIP his cock which is not what I am going to do… Sure, I’m a little bit sub but I’m def not a cock worship kind of person. I wouldn’t mind doing more with him sexually he’s a very cute guy and has a NICE ass and legs… But that’s just not what I want out of something/someone. He wouldn’t even cuddle me for like 5 minutes.

Monday we got up, made breakfast and headed home. On the way home we were doing carpool karoke and doing duets, it was so adorable. I would totally date him if he could get through these sexual issues.

Other then that I’ve been chatting with a few other guys. Theres this one guy on instagram we’ve been chatting for weeks. Yesterday we were non-stop chatting and finally in the evening I gave him my phone number and told him to just text me. He gave some lame excuse of “space on phone” and being able to send pics on instagram. WTF lame. Just another guy who’s not willing to actually move forward with anything.

I also started chatting with this guy on okcupid yesterday as well. We were talking non-stop and he gave me HIS number, so I texted him and and as soon as we switched over he went to one-word sentences and then nothing else. WTF is up with these guys.

I’m also getting REALLY frustrated with these people that just assume because I post a pic with a guy that we are “dating”. Like I can have friends, I can go out with multiple people. Until we have the “TALK” we are not dating, we are not boy friends. Going out on one date or just texting for a while online is not BOYFRIENDS, it’s getting to know each other.

In other news, I had a dream about Calvin the other day again. Super weird. I woke up crying from it.

Work is work and I’m kind of over the whole fucking WFH thing. I enjoy it but I also just want to GO OUT and do shit. Also the last few days have been so hot that it’s miserable to be at home.

My Life

COVID Update

Well, we’re still locked down in COVID and it’s starting to really get to me. At first I actually enjoyed it, I had tons of time to do projects around the house, I didn’t have pressure to meet people. I could work when I wanted to work and get stuff done as I felt. But now it’s just getting annoying. I want to go out and not feel “bad” about it. Also the roommate is REALLY driving me insane. He just doesn’t get it at all. The whole time he’s been going to work, going out to eat, etc etc etc. This weekend I ran up to OR to trade trailers with someone, so apparently he felt that was business as usual and he had people over to the house and then yesterday him and his sister were off doing god knows what.

On top of that he’s becoming a real pig. I came home and there were stains from the pizza box all over the counter, food crumbs everywhere. I’m really really close to just kicking him out.

In other news, not a lot going on at work I am doing some slow progress on my project but I’m not hopeful much will come from it. I’ve been chatting a lot with Chris from Gourmet and I miss that place but I also remember how annoying some of the shit there is. He is basically acting as a plant manager instead of IT manager this year.

I had a dream about Calvin last night that we were living together. :'( We’ve been chatting a lot more lately during this Covid crap. Mostly just how stupid America/Trump are and how we’re all going to die. He also told me to start playing FF XIV which I’ve been doing and is fun but I also have no idea what’s going on in the game. Like I have TONs of “items” but no idea what to do with them all.

My 10 year plan is coming along but I’ve also been sort of freaking out that maybe I am not doing enough. I have this friend in SF that is constantly buying houses and more houses and looking at houses and I feel that I don’t have enough income to be able to manage that. I found one place that I really want to buy but I just don’t have enough cash. This friend tells me he wnats to go 50/50 on a couple places but I don’t know if I know him WELL enough to trust doing that yet. So I’ve been a bit freaked out about that.

My trailer business is gonna suck this year.

Meh, not much else to talk about. I’m feeling a bit down/depressed but nothing too bad yet. I just really need to get out and about. I want to travel somewhere and go do stuff.

My Life

10 Year Plan

Last night I was thinking a lot about my future and what I am going to do over the next 10 years… I can’t believe that in 10 years I’ll be NEARLY 50!

Starting in Jan 2020, I’ve begun already paying down ALL my debt that I have. All in on 1/1/20 I had $951,000 in debts. So far this year I’ve paid off $80,000 of that. I’ve also refinanced about $200,000 of that into lower interest and working on refinancing another $650,000 of that into lower interest.

My goal is that within about 12 years total to have that fully paid off, but by the 10 year mark I should have it down to almost nothing.

Over the next 10 years, I want to buy at least 2-3 more houses and have a passive income of about $100,000/year. I really hope that we hav UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE by then!

In the next 1-2 years I will start taking sailing classes and learn how to sail and then I’ll start charting boats for vacations. Then in 10 years, I’ll quit my job and sail around enjoying life!

I dunno if I’ll actually end up doing this. Part of it is finding someone to go do this with in the 10 years! You can’t said alone!

I need to start selling assets and I would love to either get a second roommate or just rent this house in SF out and use that money to be paying down the debt there.

I REALLY need to unload this fucking Torino.

My Life

4 years…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already. It still hurts like it was just a week ago. I know he’s moved on, so why can’t I.

Honestly not much going on, we’re all still in lock down. Our president is melting down every day and it an absolute idiot. Work is fine and I actually am enjoying WFH a lot. I just wish the roommate were gone during the day!

Been doing tons of projects around the house which is nice to get that list checked off.

Really nothing to write about

My Life

I’m Sorry

A while back, I posted about how one of my ex’s wanted me to apologize for the way I treated him 20 years ago, well I don’t want to apologize to him but I do to someone else.

I’m sorry that I didn’t appreciate you the way you should have been. I’m sorry about that time I said you were a “lost puppy” cause you were so happy to see me. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you how much I loved it when you left me fresh baked chocolate croissants before you left for work. I’m sorry I got mad at you for cooking an entire box of pasta for just the two of us.

I’m sorry the last time we saw each other, I didn’t just tell you how much I missed you.

I’m sorry… I wish I could go back and change all of that and make it better.