Potter, Friends, Suit

So not much has really happened. Being in a relationship means life is pretty boring, TBH. I sort of realize now why my blog is missing a huge chunk of my life while I was with Calvin. There’s not much to talk about.

Honestly our days have been pretty great. We meet up after work, go to the gym, make dinner/eat out, etc etc. Rinse and repeat.

The other day we were going to Harry Potter. I had paid over $500 for two tickets. We went out for drinks before hand and some how we were talking about Eric again. I asked Charlie, “How much of Eric was the real Eric and how much was the “I hate Chris so I’m going to be mean to him, Eric””. Apparently that pissed him off, but I didn’t know about it. Then later we were talking and he has scheduled a week long trip with his friends Jay and James to NorCal for May. That really pissed me off.

While I was in the Galapagos he kept going on and on about how this will be the last trip we take apart, blah blah blah. And then he springs it on me that NOT ONLY is he going on a week long trip with them but he’s also going STRAIGHT to the Philippines right after that?! So he will be gone for THREE FUCKING WEEKS. This pissed me off on multiple fronts. 1) because he was so anti-vacations apart and 2) because he keeps telling me there’s no way he can take time off for trips with me but suddenly out of no where he can take three weeks off in a row.

Honestly, I think it’s retaliation for the whole Bora Bora trip, but that’s so childish and annoying AF. We got into a HUGE fight in the lobby area of Harry Potter. We were both ready to just leave but I had already paid for the damn tickets and we were there. I almost told him to just drive his ass home and I would bart home after the play.

We talked about it but didn’t finish the discussion before the play started, went into the play and sat there, I had my arms crossed cause I was so pissed off. He grabbed my hand and held it through the entire play.

Honestly I think we still need to talk about it and what happened and why he did it. But Whatever.

Then on Saturday he “takes a day off” so that we can go hang out with Jay and James. I’m happy that I got to meet his friends, but I’m again annoyed AF that he can randomly take Saturdays off to go see them but can never take a da off to just spend it with me. (Which apparently Jay and James were having the SAME FIGHT).

Jay and James were supper nice guys, we had a lot of fun. But then yesterday, the day after we hang out, Jay texted Charlie asking if they could have dinner privately with just the three of them. WTF? That’s weird, isn’t it? You JUST the day before had dinner and drinks with Charlie and myself. Now the very next day you want to meet without your friends new bf? What is the point? I can get wanting to hang out just the three of them but so quickly after? What is the point of topic?

I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night cause I was so worried about what that was about.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go Climbing with Rex, but due to a “miss understanding” he never showed up. I went shopping with Derik instead because I needed to pick out a suit to go to dinner with Charlie. He had said that he was going to wear a suit to our Valentines day dinner. I didn’t want to just show up in a fucking t-shirt and jeans (which is pretty much all I have now). So I went shopping and spent $600 on a new suit. That night I get home and Charlie and I are having dinner and I told him that Derik and I went shipping and we found some new clothes but I didn’t tell him it was a suit. He said “I was just joking about wearing my suit”. WTF? So you stressed me out and I went and did that and it was just a joke.

I really like Charlie, I think he’s a great guy. But there’s def some downsides and his biggest down fall is his inability to talk about things. He just shuts down. Sometimes I feel like he only tells James and Eric shit and then I get the silent Charlie.

Jay and I spent a lot of private time on Saturday just talking. He said that Charlie jumps from relationship to relationship and he can’t be alone. I’ve witnessed a lot of that TBH, when he has alone time, it drives him crazy and he can’t just be ALONE. That’s why he hangs out with Eric so much. And it concerns me that the only real reason he is with me is because I give him all of that attention and time.

It comes back to the “silent” Charlie. I feel like he doesn’t really talk to me about things sometimes. IE I see his texts with Eric or James and they are long messages. With me, he texts simple. When we talk, it’s pretty basic.

Maybe this won’t last, maybe it will. Who knows.

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