My Life

Dear Charles.

I know you’ll never see this. But I miss you so much already. I miss your smile, your smell, your skin, the touch of your hands in mine. I miss holding you all night, your head on my shoulder.

I wish we had more time, I wish we had met earlier and you could have gotten to know me better. I was looking forward to many trips with you. Going to Vegas in March. Hanging out with you. Holding you.

I know you’ll be happy with Eric and I’m glad you two figured it out. But it hurts me so much. I was really falling for you and once I have these feelings. They never go away.

You’re an amazing guy and have so much ahead of you. I hope you don’t let anyone hold you back from that. I hope Eric encourages you to explore, grow and be youRself. I hope for you he can provide what you want in a relationship.

I wish we could have talked more…. But I know there’s no point. I could see it from th first time the three of us hung out. You two had something more then friendship. I can’t compete with him and I wished we could have become as close as the two of you.

I wish you the happiest. Please invite me to your wedding. Maybe this time you’ll say yes when he proposes to you in the Philippines.

With love,

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