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A week in Iowa

I just got back from a week in Iowa and it’s been a really interesting week back there. I went back to look at apartments buildings to buy. This Agent I was working with had put together a group of 5 properties and they seemed great on paper and in the pictures he sent me. This one place in Adel was a converted lumber yard and we did the inspection for that place first…. My god was it a MESS. I am 100% sure that I was high after we left that place. You could SMELL the meth in a few of the apartments. Honestly, it’s really depressing how some of these people live and super INTERESTING how other people live. Like you walk into some of these places and it’s just a camping chair and a blow up mattress in the living room but yet there would be two completely empty bed rooms. In other places, it would be a studio with three or four beds in one room and junk (clothes, toys, etc) EVERYWHERE. Just so strange. The other properties I saw were pretty good, we are moving along with it.

Yesterday I got a marketing email from the SAME AGENT with a GREAT building in Des Moines. I’m pretty pissed at him that he didn’t fucking even MENTION that to me when we were talking. I honestly feel like he’s trying to push me into these places. If I hadn’t already spent $13,000 on a fucking inspection I would dump them and make an offer on this place. But I feel like I am sort of stuck now that I’ve already spent so much fucking money.

The bigger thing is that while I was back I got to see both grandma’s and honestly it’s kind of sad how they are doing. Granted they are both nearly 90 so of course they are aging and going down hill. But Grandma S has lost SO MUCH weight and she’s having trouble remembering even the basic stuff. Like for instance we went over to her apartment and she has dog toys and dog bowls out. Her dog died like 15 years ago. Grandma B is doing great but she is selling her house and moving into assisted living or something. The bigger thing is just seeing how the family is helping both of them out and it makes me super scared for when _I_ get to be that age. Who the fuck is going to take care of me. Who is going to drive me 600 miles round trip to doctor appointments. Who is going to help me pack and sell my shit so that I can move into assisted living. Who is going to make sure I get to my doctor appointments and what not on time? Am I going to be having Astra’s toys and bowls out 30 years after she dies?

On the flight back to SF I got a message from Suresh. He asked when we could go hiking again together. I told him, “whenever, just let me know.” He said “How about Tuesday evening”. So I guess now he and I are going to go hiking tonight. We shall see how that goes. I am very nervous to be honest.

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