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Spent a lot of time the last month camping. Been out somewhere nearly every weekend and it’s been great to get out and about after months of being stuck up at home. I know we should still be staying at home but I feel that camping with a small group of people is perfectly safe. Compared to other gays who are out drinking wine and going on vacations (FLYING EVEN) already.

After the Mt Shasta camping trip with Gym Husband I did a backpacking trip with Darin and Hut. Daring came over Thursday evening and spent the night then we drove to Bishop Friday morning. Before we even got 10 minutes from my house we got in huge fight and that ruined the whole weekend between him and I. The weekend itself was amazing but things between us are over. Ever since he moved to Sf he’s become such a snow flake leftist liberal. EVERYTHING is racist to him, everything triggers him. First off, whenever I go spend the night at his house he INSISTS that I shower before I get into his bed. No problem, I appreciate it when people shower before getting into my bed too. Well he arrived here Thursday stinking like he hadn’t showered in DAYS. We hang out and get ready for bed. I say to him: “Do you want to shower before bed?” and he says “No, i’m going to shower in the morning”. I say something along the lines of, are you sure, etc blah blah blah. And he just gets in bed STINKING. He gets up and goes to the bathroom a couple times while we’re just laying there chatting and EVERY TIME he left the light on. Finally he gets up and goes to brush teeth and while he’s doing that I am watching some show. He comes out of the bathroom (light on again) and complains “This show is too white, I can’t watch this”. WTF does that even mean. I get it that you want inclusion and diversity but you _ARE_ living in a majority white country, if would be like me going to fucking Asia and complaining that the shows there are too asian. Anyway… We get to Bishop, we’re eating BBQ at this place and the guy behind us is wearing a trump T-Shirt. And of course Darin goes on and on about how it “triggers” him and he can’t deal with it and it gives him anxiety. For someone who’s a fucking THERAPIST you’d think he would have better copping methods for handling people with opposing views as his. It’s insanely frustrating.

The weekend itself though was GREAT. Did a nice one day backpack with Hut and Dan. I’m pretty sure Dan hates me, long story there. We hiked about 4 miles in, camped at 10,500 feet. Darin and Dan were tired so they napped while Hut and I continued on another 3 miles (off trail) up to 11,300 feet. We were at these amazing lakes called “Wonder Lakes”. That night got SUPER cold and we were all in our tents by 7pm! Woke up in the morning to 20F temps and freezing. Hiked out that morning and headed back to SF.

The next weekend after that I headed down to LA and spent the weekend with Jim and Deb. Did some random stuff around the area but since everything was closed not much going on there. It was nice to see them though.

The weekend after that I went back to Bishop, this time with Jason in Tow. It was the first time in 2 years I’ve seen him and it went surprisingly well. Although I totally remember why we are not close friends any more. We met up with Hut, Dan, Art and Alan. Ate at the same BBQ place but this time no trump supporters! After that we headed up to the mountain and setup camp and just hung out. We did some nice hikes that weekend up to lakes again around the 11,000ft area. Astra did pretty good on the first day but by the time we got back she was EXHAUSTED had to carry her the last mile! That night we hung out at camp and then Sunday we did another nice hike. Something happened with Dan though and he got pissed off and just packed up and left. Again I’m pretty sure it has to do with me and he hates me! That evening we all went to the hot springs which was super nice although astra hates water and refused to get in! Alans dog was sitting in them enjoying them so much! LOL

This past weekend I had to run up to Kennewick. Probably the last time in my life I will ever be there. It was a super weird feeling on one hand I really enjoyed living there, the quiet life, the cheap housing, the low crime, etc. On the other hand I hated it there. I posted my bronco on Craigslist for sale and put it a high enough price I thought it would never sell like the Torino. I got three offers within 1hr. Clearly it wasn’t high enough! I drove up there and met this guy and collected the cash and headed back home. Super sad to see it go but I think it’s for the best. The truck was getting to the point where in another couple years it would need some major renovations and money dumped into it. I just don’t want to be spending money on anything like that any more. I just really wish someone would buy the damn Torino now.

So that’s pretty much everything. I’ve been chatting with these two guys and I’m interested in going on a date with them but we are all still dong the whole social distancing thing so I guess we are just texting for now and getting to know each other.

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