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COVID Update

Well, we’re still locked down in COVID and it’s starting to really get to me. At first I actually enjoyed it, I had tons of time to do projects around the house, I didn’t have pressure to meet people. I could work when I wanted to work and get stuff done as I felt. But now it’s just getting annoying. I want to go out and not feel “bad” about it. Also the roommate is REALLY driving me insane. He just doesn’t get it at all. The whole time he’s been going to work, going out to eat, etc etc etc. This weekend I ran up to OR to trade trailers with someone, so apparently he felt that was business as usual and he had people over to the house and then yesterday him and his sister were off doing god knows what.

On top of that he’s becoming a real pig. I came home and there were stains from the pizza box all over the counter, food crumbs everywhere. I’m really really close to just kicking him out.

In other news, not a lot going on at work I am doing some slow progress on my project but I’m not hopeful much will come from it. I’ve been chatting a lot with Chris from Gourmet and I miss that place but I also remember how annoying some of the shit there is. He is basically acting as a plant manager instead of IT manager this year.

I had a dream about Calvin last night that we were living together. :'( We’ve been chatting a lot more lately during this Covid crap. Mostly just how stupid America/Trump are and how we’re all going to die. He also told me to start playing FF XIV which I’ve been doing and is fun but I also have no idea what’s going on in the game. Like I have TONs of “items” but no idea what to do with them all.

My 10 year plan is coming along but I’ve also been sort of freaking out that maybe I am not doing enough. I have this friend in SF that is constantly buying houses and more houses and looking at houses and I feel that I don’t have enough income to be able to manage that. I found one place that I really want to buy but I just don’t have enough cash. This friend tells me he wnats to go 50/50 on a couple places but I don’t know if I know him WELL enough to trust doing that yet. So I’ve been a bit freaked out about that.

My trailer business is gonna suck this year.

Meh, not much else to talk about. I’m feeling a bit down/depressed but nothing too bad yet. I just really need to get out and about. I want to travel somewhere and go do stuff.

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