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10 Year Plan

Last night I was thinking a lot about my future and what I am going to do over the next 10 years… I can’t believe that in 10 years I’ll be NEARLY 50!

Starting in Jan 2020, I’ve begun already paying down ALL my debt that I have. All in on 1/1/20 I had $951,000 in debts. So far this year I’ve paid off $80,000 of that. I’ve also refinanced about $200,000 of that into lower interest and working on refinancing another $650,000 of that into lower interest.

My goal is that within about 12 years total to have that fully paid off, but by the 10 year mark I should have it down to almost nothing.

Over the next 10 years, I want to buy at least 2-3 more houses and have a passive income of about $100,000/year. I really hope that we hav UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE by then!

In the next 1-2 years I will start taking sailing classes and learn how to sail and then I’ll start charting boats for vacations. Then in 10 years, I’ll quit my job and sail around enjoying life!

I dunno if I’ll actually end up doing this. Part of it is finding someone to go do this with in the 10 years! You can’t said alone!

I need to start selling assets and I would love to either get a second roommate or just rent this house in SF out and use that money to be paying down the debt there.

I REALLY need to unload this fucking Torino.

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