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Robbery Update and other stuff.

Update on the robbery. They caught the guy, in Apple’s car, a block from my house.. Super scary that he was STILL SO CLOSE to my place. That must mean he lives near by. So maybe people are right when they say he was watching.

Apple called me around noon on a Wed and said the cops needed someone to come take possession of the car. So I drove over there and waited around. There were about 10 police there when I first showed up which was super crazy. After about an hour a detective showed up and they started searching the car. They found my gun, gun shells and some other stuff in the car. So they impounded it for the day.

Honestly, this guy deserves to be in jail for LIFE. We looked up his history and he has been in and out of prison his entire life, multiple car thefts, multiple break ins, multiple possession of stolen fire arms, etc. It’s REALLY frustrating that California/the legal system keeps letting this guy back on the streets, how many more people is he going to rob in his life? How many people are going to be hurt by him. Is it really worth letting people like this back on the streets only to pick them up again a few weeks/months later?

I’m sort of nervous to call and ask for my gun back too. I don’t know what the process is there at all. But I really want that gun back. I spent so much money on it and it’s such a nice gun. It’s been customized just how I like it.

In other news, Apple and I have been hanging out as usual. He’s started calling me “honeybun” which I don’t know how I feel about that. Part of me wants to tell him to stop and the other part enjoys it. He’s off to paris for a week. We are going to go camping in Late September in Yosemite.

I have been busy working on my yard lately and it’s been very hard work but I am loving the progress.

Not many dates recently. Was supposed to go on a date with this guy tomorrow. However yesterday during the day I was SUPER BUSY and wasn’t replying to text messages. After a few hours I came back to THREE different messages from him: 1) “?”; 2) “? ? ?”; 3) “Hello?”… Ok, seriously RED FLAG warning to me. If you are already doing stuff like that and we haven’t even MET. Jesus.

I met up with this cute filipino boy who lives in Sac yesterday for lunch. He went through the K1 (90 day fiance) visa process and is married but his marriage is shit apparently. We talked about that and what he wants to do, etc. I feel so bad for him.

Calvin messaged me again yesterday to let me know that Grandma had been hacked… Ugh I just want to keep talking to him, find out what’s going on in his life. I miss having him around so much.

On my way to Yuba city yesterday I saw a farm for sale. 590 acres. I spent the rest of the drive day dreaming about owning it, having it be asparagus, blueberries and tangellos…. I have this fantasy of being a farmer but I feel the reality would suck.

I also really want to buy a that house in the woods…

My favorite gay resort in Palm springs is being sold! And it’s no longer going to be gay or nudist! So sad. I want to go one more time before they close but I just don’t have the time!!!

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