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Japan Trip

Wow, what a whirl wind the past week has been.

So since the last post, USPS and I have been working out still, I feel like I’m not making any progress. We regressed right back into the cuddling and everything like two days after the last post. He drove me to the airport for my Japan trip and we held hands the whole way. He’s stopped sayin goodnight and good morning after I mentioned to him that I like that he does that. During this trip he’s been very quiet. Some days he’s chatty, other days he just says like one or two words.

I flew to Japan to meet up with Hut, Sean and Polly. It’s been an amazing trip. We have been to so many places that I just can’t even tell you everything. We started out about an hour outside of Tokyo, the first night I had sex with this cute Japanese guy. he stayed and cuddled after and then went home. The next few days we texted a bit here and there.

There was a few times that were super crazy. Like one time we were at these ponds and I open grindr and this guy is 20 feet away. I look around and see a guy that kinda looks like him. I wave, he waves back. I go over to him and it’s fucking him! We end up spending about 30 minutes together. He was super super cute but very shy. He lives in Malaysia. Another time, we’re at dinner and I open grindr real quick, this guy is like 50 feet away. I say “hi, where are you? we’re at the BBQ place” A few minutes later, he walks over and says hi. I ended up fucking him that night. Super hot.

Anyway, we get back to Tokyo and the guy from the first night meets us. We end up spending the next three days together. Walking around, holding hands, cuddling, fucking. He’s super duper sweet, I really enjoyed our time together. Why can’t I find someone like that in America. I found a nice guy in Canada, Vietnam and now fucking Japan. Where’s the guys in USA that want me like they do. I just don’t get it… Ugh

Here I am leaving another country with a guy on my heart, headed back to a country where there’s a guy I want who doesn’t want me.

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