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Back From Vietnam

We made it back from Vietnam without any more drama. We came back to the city on Wednesday. I had booked myself a room and Army said he wanted to come spend the night there with me. So we checked into the hotel, spent the evening walking aroudn the city and then went to bed. There was some hotel drama but that’s not important.

Thursday morning we got up and I went to the tour of the Mekong Delta. It was horrible. I was the only person on the whole tour and we really didn’t see very much. Boat ride, Taxi ride, some walking. Etc.

Got back to the city about 3pm and I had agreed to meet this guy at 6 for dinner. So I quickly found another hookup named Peter. He was fucking HOT and the sex was amazing (perhaps just cause I was SO HORNY) but either way we had a lot of fun. I had to kick him out at 5:30 though so that I could meet the other guy. He was not so cute and not so fun but we had dinner, a beer and then went back to the hotel and fucked him.

Army called me while I was at dinner with the second guy and I lied to him that I wasn’t back in the city yet. He was apparently downtown with the sister. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I don’t see why he would have taken a taxi BACK to the house then BACK to downtown again. Doesn’t really make sense.

Army texted me a bit later saying he was throwing up, so I left the city to go back home and see how he was doing. I got home and he was sound asleep. I was chatting with Peter and he asked to hang out again. So I invited him over and we met and just walked around the little water front there by the house we were staying at. Had a really good chat.

Went back to the house and Army was awake and sounded a bit annoyed, we watched a movie and slept.

Friday we took the bus and went to this hat factory that his distant distant family owns and then went to get hair cuts. That night we took the family out to dinner. During dinner Peter was texting and apparently we were very close to him so he asked if we could hang out again. I said yes and told Army after dinner that I was gong to meet him. Army decided to stay downtown and have a Grindr date as well. He claims they just met as friends, but who knows.

Anyway Peter came and picked me up on his scooter and we went around the city. It was so fun to sit behind him on the scooter and hold him and kiss him and grab his cock while driving around. At one point we were on the scooter and he reached behind and unzipped my pants and had my cock out!! We ended up close to his house and at another little waterfront walk thing. This one was pretty empty so we found a little dark area and gave each other blow jobs. Form there we just sat on a bench and talked and made out more. We had bought a Durian and we fed that to each other. I left at midnight and went back home.

Saturday we got up early and went to the airport and flew home. Got back and just hung out and went to bed. Sunday we went to the Outlet malls, then arcade and then winchester mystery house. It was nice.

While we were at the outlet malls he was bitching about his cousin and something and i was was like “oh what are you planning” and he was VERY VAGUE about it. Finally he admitted he was planning a trip to Disney. WTF. I hate that he doesn’t at least keep me semi in the loop about his plans for this summer. I had a dream the other night that he left on June 20th then texted me a few days later saying he had decided to not come back. I told him about the dream and his response was “Well I can make that happen”.

I just need to be over him and move on. I have 4 dates planned for after he leaves. Plus now Peter is sort of in play.

Also I’m like 92% sure I’m going to Japan for Thanksgiving.

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