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Army over. Moving on

So, things with army are done I think… On Tuesday->Wednesday he just disappeared for like 24+ hours. He finally popped up again Wed night and I was having a bad day and I called him out on it and he basically went off on me. Saying that he can disappear “whenever he wants” and that if I want to learn about peoples lives I can “watch youtube”. We haven’t spoken since.

There’s an interesting blog post from this day in 2007 in which someone sent ME a letter which very closely fits to what should be going on with him. If Army is not willing to communicate with me, put in the effort then clearly it’s time to move on. He’s too immature right now and has too much other shit going on in his life, he’s clearly not interested in me.

I’ve been struggling with the question of “do I message him again”. But I was the last one to send him anything so I feel that he can message me if he wants. Over the past three years, we’ve had a real tendency to just pop into and out of each other’s lives.

RE work front, my project that I was hired to manage and start has been delayed YET AGAIN. It was supposed to start as soon as I started with the company. Then they delayed it due to funding. It was supposed to start this month (1/2018) for a go-live of Jul. Now it was pushed because of “many new products being rolled out”. So new start date is July and go-live of December. This is RPF all over again. Start push start push. I feel like since I left Gourmet, I haven’t done ANYTHING that I actually want with my life in regards to work. I’ve lost all my knowledge of NAV. I’ve spent this week setting up laptops, fixing peoples stupid printer problems, etc. This is NOT what I should be doing at this point in my life!

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