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A Week…

It’s been a week since it happened. There have been some ups and downs. The ups are good, the downs are bad….

Today something else bad happened, Sophia and Brian broke up. Sad. Mommy and Daddy broke up, now our children are breaking up.


I skipped work Friday and went climbing, had an amazing time. This guy Martin Dang came out climbing. He’s so cute and so confusing! He’s got a girlfriend, but seems to be very interested in men as well. Climbed with him last night too and he pushed me hard. I’m actually sore today!

Eric and I had talked a little up till Monday night. He said he wanted to go to couples therapy. When I dug into it with him he didn’t want to work things out, so that was the end of that BS.

I’m going to Peru! I can’t wait. I really wish I could call Aaron and tell him. He’d be so happy! I’ll be flying LAX -> Lima -> NYC -> LAX. I’ll also be driving down to Ica. This should be one crazy mofo trip. I’m really kind of stressed out about it though because it’s now happening so close to the closing date on the house and if everything isn’t ready then I’m not sure what’s going to happen! It’ll all be a little crazy crazy!

I can’t recall if I wrote about it or not, but I met this guy in Toronto, Calvin. He’s a dr student. Really cool. When I told him ECH and I broke up we’ve been chatting a lot more. He’s going to come to NYC to visit me when I’m there! So exciting! He’s a great guy. Of course I also can’t wait to see Jeremy in NYC! I wish he weren’t so confusing as well. He’s also a great guy that I’d love to have an opportunity with.

I’ve also been talking to a lot of other old friends, it’s been nice. I can’t wait to start hanging out with them all more. Should be fun.

Ugh.. Single, homeowner.. Insanity!

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