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Cold Bishop

So this past weekend was bishop. Very interesting trip for sure.


Yep. He was there. I knew he’d be there, we had been exchanging emails for the week prior. I didn’t think it’d be so hard to see him though or that things would go down the way they did. The last email I had sent to him said that if he wanted to chat or climb or whatever that I’d be down. I gave him my contact info and where I’d be climbing. No reply from him. We get there and go climbing Friday.

Friday was a great day of climbing. Did the upper gorge. Froze our asses off. It was just EC and I. Gavin and NoNo arrived later. EC led this 5.9 and then a 5.10a. The 5.10a was really cool cause it was super exposed. I’m glad that he’s been leading so much because I’ve been kind of a pussy and plus my shoulder. Once the other two showed up we did another really long 5.10a and then scurried out of there cause it was so fucking cold.

Went to dinner with Mikey and gang… Who just so happens to be there at the register NEXT to us.. Morgan. He ignored me. I ignored him.

Dinner was great fun then we tried to go to the hot tubs. There was a lot of snow. The infiniti does not like snow. We got stuck. Dug for like 30 minutes and then thankfully some hot boys showed up with a 4×4 and towed us out of there! yay! Had to use my old climbing rope to do that. So I threw it away. 🙁

Got back to the hotel, ate some yummy cheesecake and then went to bed. EC and I fooled around…

We got up the next morning and went to this tiny bakery in across from the hotel. We were sitting there eating and who walks in but Morgan! He sits at the table RIGHT next to us. Gavin says it looked like he was about to say HI to me, but I guess he changed his mind or something. I got up and left shortly after that.

That day the four of us went climbing at the central gorge. Warm up wall and then Warning signs wall. Good fun there as well. It started snowing. We bailed around 2pm.

Drove up to the buttermilks and it was amazing up there. EC and I went back to the hotel after that. Putzed around there for a while. He watched movies and I read a magazine. Left for dinner at 6 go to Amigo’s for mexican. And guess who’s fucking sitting in there. MORGAN! Ugh. Bishop is just not fucking big enough for the two of us. I’ve managed to avoid him for 1.5 years in the climbing community. Now in one weekend I can’t go anywhere without running into him. Ugh. I walked out of there and went to Las Palmas instead.

Got up the next morning and went bouldering at the happy’s. I wasn’t into it. The whole weekend I wasn’t into it. Seeing him there not talking to Davey, all this stuff just brought back to much and was bringing on to much to deal with all of that. It was like the last weekend that Morgan and I spent in Idyllwild. I was so bummed and out of it that even though we did so much climbing, I just wanted it to be over.

It’s been so hard to not text Davey. I haven’t really talked to him since like last tuesday? He texted me happy thanksgiving on thursday. I replied. Then on Monday he sent me a text that he got my box I mailed him last week… I replied but was short with him about it all. I haven’t heard from him since. It’s hard not talking to him every day. I’ve gotten so used to just txting him and sending him random shit all day long and what not. Ugh. I fucking hate this shit… Why the fuck am I still single!

This week I have been a major bitch at work. Just as an example one of my emails yesterday was “I understand the problem 100%. It’s YOU who does not”. This was after multiple emails back and forth from me to this other girl. I had explained to her in detail and mathematical formulas the problem asking her to tell me how SHE wanted it resolved. She sent me an email saying: “I don’t think you get it”. So that was my reply to her. Fucking bitch. I also sent this formula to someone else the other day:
((PO1Cost * PO1Qty) + (PO2Cost * PO2Qty) + (POnCost * POnQty)) / RepackOutputQTY.

She replied back with “What does POnCost and POnQty mean”. Did you fucking FAIL high school algebra!?!? Ugh.

Yesterday boss and I were in a meeting. He wants me to visit all 62 of our pack sheds in a 3.5 week period spread across 5 countries and 10 regions within those countries…. Ugh! I want to travel to these places, but I don’t want to do it ALL in such a short period!

Last night I went climbing at the gym with the gang. Did my first full 5.11a! I was so excited… Then went out to this improv thing with Justin Black and EC. Leigh and his gang showed up as well. It was pretty funny. Leigh was making all kinds of audience remarks which really added to it! LOL. A couple of the guys were super hot too! Yum.

I might be traveling to Mexico on Monday. So I’m thinking about heading to PHX this weekend…


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