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An uneventful trip to Bishop

My life has been pretty boring lately. I haven’t really been up to much other then the typical.

Dad was here two weekends ago. We worked on the Bronco. It was actually easier then I thought it’d be. We got the dash painted and all done up nice looking. Now I just can’t wait to get the fucking carpet replaced and some sound padding put in. Then the thing will finally be up to about where I was EXPECTING it to be when I got it back.

Speaking of which. Mother went and scheduled that side of the family for Christmas Day! Ugh. I am so not looking forward to that at all. I hope that certain person and his bitchy ass wife don’t show up.

Last week was pretty boring after that. Dad was here for a few more days. Dinner with Sirin, improv show, etc. It was fun but also AWK like when he brought up with leigh AND sirin that he quit drinking on my 16th birthday. Random.

Friday headed up to Bishop with EC, Brian and Daniel. Good drive up. Brian was late so we got stuck in some bad traffic. Annoying. Got up there and we all decided on a hotel. Probably a good idea.

Climbing in the middle gorge Saturday which was of course amazing. Did some stuff on the Warm up wall and China wall again. Lots of fun. Weather was perfect!

Left there and went to the hot springs, which were actually just warm. So we didn’t spend much time there and went to dinner at Whiskey Creek. Food was ok, company was great. Mikey joined us there, as did NIck and a bunch of straight boys. I didn’t really like the straight boys. There was this one asian guy that was really annoying. He was more whiney then most gays I go out on dates with!

Sunday we got up and went bouldering at the Buttermilks. I took them all to most of my favorite places. Hero, Iron Man, Buttermilk Stem, Cave Problem, etc. I actually completed Stem which was a first for me and was able to re-complete Hero which is an improvement since last time I couldn’t.

Surprisingly my shoulder didn’t hurt near as bad as I thought it would so that’s good!

So drove home after that we made it back in really good time. The bronco drove very nicely and was doing a good 80+ almost all the way back!

Yesterday at work was a total downer day. I felt like shit all day long. It was horrible. I went home and was just going to spend the night being lonely at home. But this guy had been texting me all day. He’s the manager at the starbucks right next to me. We were going to go on a date last week. But I got REALLY annoyed with him just setting the date up. So I decided to just ignore him. Well he texted me asking for a second chance and blah blah blah he was really stressed out and what not. So I decided to give it to him. I should have stuck with my guns and said NO!

He was fucking ANNOYING in person too. Whiney little gay bitch. And the thing that SUCKS is that he’s fucking being transfered to the starbucks that I go to all the time! UGH!

We watched A very long engagement. It was an amazing movie.

Anyways. I couldn’t wait for that movie to get over to kick his ass out! Ugh. I blocked him on Grindr while he was still at my house! LOL.

So yeah. That’s been that. I’m out.

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