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Hi everyone.

I’m sorry to say that I feel like it’s time to make this a semi-private blog. So if you’d like to continue reading go ahead and register.

Everything is still here and once you register you will have the access to read all the private entries that I am writing and continue to read about my OVERLY exciting life! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who cares enough to read!

PS. Don’t worry. I’m not going to sell your information or spam you!

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Does registering also apply to LJ? I read your posts through my friends page.

Yeah, can we still read through LJ? I don’t even know your actual URL. Maybe I could adjust.

Maybe 😉

So.. if you were visiting the LA area for the first time. You’ve only got a day and a half to do stuff. What do you do? Where do you go? What do you see?

Hahaha. Depends on what kind of stuff you are into. Are you into hollywood, theme parks, museums and art, shopping?
Also weekend or weekday and what part are you staying in?

Coming in on Fri evening, and leaving Sun evening. Staying in Long Beach/Anaheim/LAX area. No shopping. Maybe Hollywood. Maybe San Diego Zoo. Staying away from the rest of the “theme parks”. John wants something “local and interesting in the area”.

Hmm. Long Beach, Anaheim, LAX and San Diego! That’s a big area! 🙂

You do realize that LAX to San Diego will be about a 3 hour drive each way?

Lets see, in the LAX area there’s always The Getty ( and you’ve got museum row and the farmers market *great local thing* in downtown LA (,%20museum%20row%20&%20farmer's%20market/).

Of course you’ve got Hollywood and highland which is a great place to see the HOllywood sign, and the chinese theater with all the foot prints and stars outside, It’s a bit of a trek though from LAX area. IF you do go to this area though, I would also suggest seeing Griffith Observatory (*a nice sunset time activity, great views of the city* and maybe the LA zoo instead of going all the way to San diego (though the SD zoo is much better)

I would suggest an evening in Venice beach for something Local and interesting. I’ve never really explored there toooo much, but it is fun. I mentioned a bar called “The Other Room” a while back which is on Abbot Kiney BLVD in Venice which is one of the more happening places, also the Venice beach peir is always full of crazy! Theres also the Venice canals. 🙂

Other LAX area things include Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade (really busy around 7pm on a friday or saturday), Manhattan Beach Peir area for tons of eating and just general beach fun. If you are up for the Body World exhibit I highly suggest that at the Science center which is about 20 minutes from LAX. I haven’t seen body world 3, but the others were great.

Up in the valley (About 25 minutes north of LAX) there’s the japanese garden ( They are open strange hours.

Long Beach area…. Umm, there’s the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific which really isn’t all that exciting. I suggest staying west of 7th street in Long Beach, the rest of the area is pretty bad. 😉 There are some fun things in the downtown area, but I don’t really go to long beach much.

As for Anaheim, I have no idea other then Disney! 🙂

I’m only 10 miles south of LAX, you’d be more then welcome to come down to RB area and I can show you around Manhattan and Hermosa areas. 🙂

Hope all that helps! 🙂

Something is weird.. you’ve posted twice since this post and only this one is on my friend’s page. I had to actually go to your LJ to read the other two.

Hmm. That’s very strange. I wonder why?

I just resubmitted the latest one (which was marked as friends only), let me know if it shows up in your friends feed.

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