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Red Rocks with the Homos!

OMG! Sorry It’s been fucking busy around the office. 12-14 hour days, no sleep, working like crazy. I don’t even have down time at the office any more…

Damn boss being fired and leaving a HUGE mess for me to clean up. Plus tons of stuff is just going on right now, even if the boss HADN’T been fired I’d still be working these hours. El Centro coming online, caborca coming on line.

Anyways, Christmas was fun. Got some neat stuff from the family, hung out with some cool new people. hung out with all the normal awesome old people. Had a redic time out with Mandy and Nic of course. Ended up going home with some random that night. It was a bad idea.

Didn’t even get to see my grandma which sucked! 🙁

Came home from there, worked 3 days in the office and then took off for Vegas with the homos! It was a GREAT trip, minus one thing… The JEWS! I had three jewish friends come out and they basically ruined a lot of the trip for me. Even had to come back home a day early because of them! UGH!. I was sooo pissed. But in the good news I met some awesome new people, including Leo and Tim who I am hoping to go visit up in Bishop sometime in Jan!

Ok. I have to get back to work, leave for Mexico tomorrow! Adios!

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