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Death Valley Trip!

Long busy weekend of traveling.

“I’m gonna chris brown your ass!”

Anyways, so we went to Death Valley this weekend. Picked up JoEric, Ally, and Rod then met Jerry, George and gang up in Santa Clarita for the trip up. On the way up we stopped at Vasquez rocks where they were filming CSI: Las Vegas. Kinda neat to see it. From there we drove on north to Darwin falls which was kinda cool then off to Furnace creek for dinner and then wine in the hotel rooms.

Saturday we got up and headed out to Zabrisie point and hiked from there to Manly Beacon. It was a good hike but nothing to hard core. The last part of that hike was the worst part where the trail was about a foot wide and it was a very very long fall straight down the sides!

Went back to the hotel after that and ate lunch then went down to the mines. I was the first one down and it was a little crazy. Very scary to sit down there all alone in the dark. We didn’t really get to go very far back into the mines though because we were rushed for time. Once we got done there we headed back to the hotel, had a late dinner at the bar with the girls and then had some wine.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast again at the hotel, from there we packed up and went to the salt flats, sand dunes, ghost town, and headed back to LA. Got home about 8pm, picked up Jimmy and he spent the night.

Overall it was a GREAT weekend, lots and lots of laughts, lots of fun, lots of memories.

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