2 Bad Dates

I can’t believe how SUCKY I have been with updating this blog lately. Damn me!

Anyways, last weekend was alright. It was V-day, I hung out with Carlos on Friday and Saturday night. Friday we went to GGB and had a great time. He danced and I talked to guys and hung out. Matthew was there…. Swooooooooon. I have a major crush on that guy. I doubt anything would ever work out, mostly because we have been TRYING to go out for drinks for AGES, but nothing ever works out! Damnit!

Saturday I did lots of shopping and stuff, hit the gym, then hung out at home with Carlos for the evening. Didn’t even get a V-day fuck! 🙁 How sad.

Sunday was rock climbing. We did the zip line which was TONs of fun! Then I did a LITTLE bit of climbing but was very sore or tired or something. I’m not sure what the problem was, either way I sucked at climbing on Sunday. We went out and saw “Shopaholic” that afternoon which was a funny movie.

Monday I worked a long ass day and then had a horrible date with this guy off “Who’s Here”. He had GROWN up in Long Beach, but had NEVER been to fucking Santa Monica, The Getty, Yosemite, Death Valley. The list went ON and ON and ON! How can you live in ONE place for so long and never get out to see/do these things. WTF is wrong with people! Then he got ALL PISSSED off when I wanted to end the date early. Besides the fact that he had NEVER been to these places, he also asked the MOST BORING questions ever on our date. It was like he had read the “10 standard questions for every BORING date” book or something.

Tuesday I worked another LONG ass day. Then had another horrible date with another guy. He seemed alright online, he liked the out doors, kayaked, hiked, shot guns, etc. So we meet, first off, GAAAAAAAAAY! OMG. Secondly all he could talk about was his parents money and his parents 6 hours and how his aunt makes $5million a year. Blah blah blah. Found out he grew up in the OC. NOOO WOnder that’s all he could talk about. I left the OC for a reason!

After that I got home and was a little depressed. I’m pissed that the Russian has a bf, who he’s apparently happy with, Jason has a BF, Kris is apparently into someone. WTF, why is it that the one thing I really want, and I can’t find it or get it. UGH! I’m so sick of this shit.

Wed was more work, just boring shit was supposed to hang out with Carlos that night, but he canceled on me last minute which was annoying, but whatever. I had an enjoyable night at home, got all packed for Death Valley, read some of my camera book, etc.

Today has been enjoyable. Mostly because the REALLY hot marketing guy was in my office for like 2 hours and we just chatted and BSed, etc. PS, I’m in love! hahah. He’s a cool guy. I wish he’d come hang out with the group some. It was funny just bitching with him about the company, talking business, etc. Where’s the gay version of him?!?

So as I stated, this weekend is Death Valley. I am very excited for it! I have a car full of people going in the G, I’m a little nervous about taking that many people in my G. It’s going to be a mess! 🙁


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