Broken Ankle!

So, a lot has been going on. Friday I had dinner with a bunch of friends, then we went out to The Factory and I got very drunk. Had tons of fun. Saturday I spent the day around the house doing stuff that I have been putting off. Sunday I went rock climbing…

Where I broke my fucking ANKLE!

I have a cast on it now! 🙁

I cannot believe this! I have so much planned for the next month! Now what the fuck am I going to do!!! I have to cancel everything, and Now I don’t know about going to Houston or not. I am not going to gimp around down there! UGH! So fucking annoying!

Other then that, not much going on. I watched a few movies on Saturday. First I watched Mandragora which was HORRIBLE. It’s about gay prostitutes in Prague. It did make me really miss Prague though! Then I watched The Ten. Also HORRIBLE!

I was going to write a big long entry about other stuff. But it’ll have to wait.


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