The Last Picture…

Yesterday was very hard…

I got home from work and there was a box hanging from my door. It was from one of my Aunt’s.

In it, there was a letter which said:


In 1994 shortly after my dad died… I received a surprise….from a complete stranger.

This stranger gave m the very LAST picture ever taken of my dad while he was alive. The picture meant the world to me…it was taken just a few weeks before my dad died…in fact it was taken at a trap shoot…doing what he loved to do…Shoot! 🙂

Well…. I am so pleaaed and honored to send to you….the very LAST picture ever taken of Kenny while he was alive!

The picture was taken on May 4th, 2008, at the Tiger Den. Mom, Kenny and I went there for dinner….and I took this picture. You will notice that he is not wearing his oxygen. I told him that I was going to take his picture…and he took the oxygen off….

Hmmm…wonder what he was thinking?

I am so happy to be the person who can send this gift to you….I have no doubt that you will treasure it forever…..just as I will!

I love you all very much!


After reading the letter, I was bawling my eyes out… But there was the picture, wrapped and wrapped and wrapped! She had to have used a WHOLE roll of tape on this thing!

Here’s the picture that was in there…

Thanks Deb! This will be treasured!

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  1. I felt the same way… I was a disaster after receiving it, crying, but still happy to have this picture…

    I still cry whenever i read the note… :'(

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