What a Beaut! The EX35

So, everyone knows by now that I bought an Infiniti G35 a couple months ago. It’s been a love/hate relationship so far because well, we all know I’m fucking cheap and this is an expensive car to own. Once you add up for Insurance, repairs, maint, gas and then actually paying for the car. It’s HUGE!

Anyways, I do LOVE the car itself. It’s so beautiful, it runs great, it drives great, it has all these nerdy things that I love, etc etc.

Well Infiniti just came out with a new vehicle. The EX35. This thing is just adorable and packed with fun features!

For a full overview check out the In the AutoBlog Garage article.

But basically this is just the G35 on steroids! I love that it’s got a huge trunk space, the seats fold down and it’s got a higher clearance, but it’s still pretty low and sleek looking.

My car was in for maint the other day and I sat in one and played with it. If only I had $45k to throw away on a car!

Go out and give one a test drive…. You’ll love it!

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