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Making Offers

EDIT:// Well we didn’t get the first one. 🙁 Someone offered more then they were asking for.

So today we are making offers on two houses! How exciting is that!

The first one is a 4 unit built in the late 90’s. It came on the market this week, and we made a kinda low offer (the guy is asking $50k more then it’s appraised for!):

First House

The second one is a 2 unit built in 1923:

Second House

I’m so excited. We will know by 9am tomorrow if they accept the offers!

I’m almost gonna pee my pants!

4 replies on “Making Offers”

Sadly we didn’t get the first one. Still waiting on word from the second. I guess the guy is out of town, so we’re going to have to wait a week or so.

I think the guy in the first one is insane. But I think of the two, I’d rather have the 2nd one anyway. I like the way it looks better.

Yeah, well the guy for the first one got 3k more then he was asking for. So he must not have been too crazy.

The second one is older and it sits next to a budget truck rental place, so that’s a downside. Plus it’s going to need some work. I too love the looks of the building though. If I were going to live there myself I’d be wanting it to do work on and make it perfect. But since it’s just a rental I don’t want to put that much money into it.

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