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Another Biking Accident

Well, today I was in another biking accident! Opps.

This one was a complete accident, I was riding along the beach and did a quick look behind me before passing someone else. During this time a strong gust of wind came up and took me off balance. I swerved back and forth a bit before hitting a fence on one side of the path and ripping a big chunk of flesh out of my thumb and then hit the sand between the fence and the path, thus taking me down pretty hard.

There wasn’t any time for braking or anything, so I hit the ground really hard. Cracked my helmet in 4 places, and beat up my handle bars pretty bad, but other then that my bike is pretty good.

I am kinda beat up as well. My left leg has some scratches on it, and my arm is road rashed. While picking up my bike I also felt VERY dizzy and my vision was very very blurry, so I called Jason to come pick me up. By the time he got there I was feeling much better but still a little dizzy.

Came home and showered very quickly, and am just trying to stay awake and what not to make sure it’s not a concussion or something.


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No dying in California! At least this time you ran over yourself instead of letting someone else do it.


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