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Have you heard of the latest crazy? Pinkberry? It’s been all over the news around here. Stores opening like crazy. 27 here in the SoCal area already. Some of them just BLOCKS from the next store. Lines out the door even at 10pm.

So what’s the big crazy? They offer two flavors. Plain and Green Tea. But what is it? Is it yogurt, dairy, something else!? Well apparently it lies in the something else area.

I heard an interview on the radio the other day with the companies top Public relations person. Even she couldn’t answer what it was. “Well, it’s not technically yogurt, but it’s not ice cream”.

So, I have to admit I stopped into one a few months ago when I walked by and there was a line out the door.

My reaction? It’s not worth it. Bland taste to the whole thing. The only thing that really made it good was the fresh berries and fruits to put on the top.

For nearly $4.00 take your money to GoldenSpoon and get something with flavor and just a few more calories!

Pinkberry, it’ll hopefully die out! But it could be the next starbucks!

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Damn you!

Now I want TCBY’s softserve strawberry in a waffle cone! And there aren’t any near here!

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