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Coffee Oreo Cookie Mount Gay Ice Cream

This Coffee Oreo Ice Cream looks AMAZING!. I can’t wait to try it out!

Thinking about getting married? Take the test, see if you will work together!

I’m sure you have all heard by now that we are all going to be eating bread and water soon. All because the honey bees are disappearing! OMG! Lets all freak out. I’m getting really annoyed with the media’s need to hype this shit so badly. First off, hello, bread is made from products that need to be pollinated! So clearly we won’t be eating bread. It’ll have to be something else. But really, lets think about this for a minute, the whole WORLD requires this food, we’ll never let it happen, if we have the technology to get a clone a sheep and get a woman pregnant via In vitro fertilization, then we can come up with ways to pollinate the food that we need.Why don’t we focus on a real story, like the fact that Cheney should be impeached (Well and Bush as well, but that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet)? The media needs to get their asses in gear and stop trying to scare the shit out of the American Public and do it’s job.

You know, I see these commercials all the time for Fox’s morning news show here in LA. They’ve got two ditsy blonds and some stupid old man. This isn’t news, it’s an entertainment program.

And then the American public needs to get over it! I read this the other day on a parents blog:

With all the drama that has been going on in certain church communities and I need not even attempt to get into what is going on in our whole school system how do you as a parent check into these matters with out your children knowing or finding out your fear. Am I being crazy for wanting to home school, and keep my child out if “THE REAL WORLD” —- or do I close my eyes and just have faith that everything in her life will be just “gumdrops and butterflies”

Ok, your kid’s life is NOT going to be “gumdrops and butterflies”. GET OVER IT! Your kid has to learn that there are bad people out there, they have to learn how to cross a street on their own, they have to learn how to protect themselves from someone else. You as a parent are not going to be there to PROTECT and shield them their whole lives. GET OVER IT. Teach them to protect themselves, be a parent and get involved, learn about the people your child is going to be around! If you don’t like that person, get them away from them. I have to admit that Dr. Laura has been giving some good advice lately in this area. I still think she’s a bitch, but she does give good advice sometimes!

Lastly (on the ranting side of things!) I’ve been getting really annoyed with how much censorship is going on in TV, Radio, etc. People are freaking out about the smalled of things! I’m going to say it again. GET OVER IT! If you don’t like what you are watching, change the station, don’t listen to that program and complain to the company. Don’t SUE someone, don’t freak out and go crazy. You aren’t the only person in the world. I agree that some things shouldn’t be on TV or Radio, but apparently enough people like it that they are. If I find something like that, I change the channel. I don’t freak out and call the FCC, etc. The religious right is just getting out of hand in this country. The government isn’t here to regulate like they have been. They should not be spying on citizens, etc. Whatever happened to Reps wanting smaller government and less intrusion into our lives?!

Ok, I know a lot of that was really disconnected, but I just had to RANT about it! Very annoyed lately about that shit.

Not getting laid? Got a lot of extra condoms laying around? Make some clothes out of them!

This week has been very busy with work and stuff. Nothing too exciting is going on there but I have been really busy with some projects for a demo we did yesterday. Last night I also got an email that started out like this: “Hey chris, you’re gonna be pissed about this one“. Opps. Apparently they reformatted a server that had some stuff on there which I had done. Oh well.

Ben has been out of town and apparently very busy, so I haven’t talked to him all week. Last night this guy that’s been talking to me off and on for months finally talked me into meeting up for coffee. I told him we’d just be meeting as friends, which he was cool with. Anyways, we set up a time for 6:30 to meet in RB. So he called me at 6:30 and says he’s going to be late, not too big of a deal, because I live within walking distance of the meeting place… 7:00 rolls around and he’s just now leaving LAX, but he forgot to print out directions! WHAT? If you’re going to meet someone at a place you’ve never been, shouldn’t that be the first thing you do!? So I give him directions, he gets to the area and gets lost, so I have to talk him through it all. Shows up in his new BMW Z4, top down. I knew it was going to be an annoying couple hours, right there. We talk, and all he can talk about is his famous photographer dad, how he’s moving into this amazing new apartment, blah blah blah. Completely wrapped up in his material shit.

Someone actually contacted me yesterday completely out of the blue for a Linux Sys Admin job at a company in DM. Apparently I was recommended to her.

I went and looked at a nice condo in HB on Tuesday. I liked it, it had nice ocean breezes, although it was 3 miles to the ocean. It’s on the high side of my price range, but I think I will call Jay today to see if we can work something out financially. I know I shouldn’t be talking to him, but everyone else in the mortgage industry I talk to just seems to shady. I at least trust him to give me good and correct information. I keep finding these other really nice looking places, but they are ALL in those damn land lease communities!!

Lifecycle is less then ONE MONTH away now! I just spent $150 on the rest of the biking goods I need to get through it. Now I still have to pay for my hotel room for two nights up there and I should be good to go. I really need to find out who I can get a hotel with though! Anyone?!?!?!

This weekend is going to be packed with FUN! Friday night I’m going out to the Boom Boom in Laguna! I haven’t been there since the infamous night with Joel, Ryan and Dustin nearly a year ago! Then Saturday I’ll be getting up early and biking down to San Diego. Sunday will be the typical Star Map Tour with Tom and JC. Did I mention that Tom gave me a very long hug at last weeks ride? It was strange cause I’ve only really met the guy once! But it made me feel good and like part of the group. This really is starting to become a family already! I can’t wait for the ride to start. (Although, I’m really scared about the ride as well). I remembered last night that I still have those HUGE water balloon shooters from my BSA days, so I’m going to pack those!

Then next week every night is packed with some activity except for Thursday. I am going to be DEAD!

Ok, this entry is long enough! Later all!

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so on the parent thing — i totally agree.

we have this 14 year old home schooled girl at work, i must have missed the memo, but whenever i hear people say “fuck” or “shit” around her, they always follow it by “omg, i’m sorry rachel!” SO now, whenever i’m around her, i make sure to throw in a few extra FUCKS and SHITS, in hopes that her virgin ears may one day be able to handle the real world.

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