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Letter to Chiba… Part #2

Blah blah blah… This is all so over… Clearly we’re not going to be talking ever again. So here’s the VERY rough draft of a letter I was working on for him. Eh. Stupid fuck.







I really hate the way things have happened and I’m sorry that you think I did something to hurt you.

Friendships have thier ups and downs

I made a mistake after the new years saying I didn’t want to be your friend I thoght that it would be too hard to go from what we were doing to being just friends. But I gave it a shot and I really enjoy being your friend.

I know you haven’t known me very long, but I would never do anything to hurt you or any of my friends. I love them all.

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Pretty much all day, and I’m not really sure. Hollywood/Highland, Observatory maybe. His flight doesn’t leave till 12:30 Am MOnday morning so we’ll be there for awhile.

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