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Flight Home

Oh god, 11.5 hours in ONE flight, is death. I hate it… They keep replaying the SAME movies over and over again and they are all stupid. We only have 1.5 horus left. Thank god! I’d have to say that leaving Berlin was sad. However, I’m excited to get home. I want to crash, and yet… I want to do a lot of other stuff, bake a pie, a turkey, some mashed potatos… SHIT, the stores are all going to be closed! I have no fooood at home! Damnit… Still debating about a bike ride this weekend or not. I do have a date though!

There’s three HOT boys within viewing distance of me.. OMG, yum! Also some really gay guy keeps walking by me and smiling. He’s kinda cute…

Ok, adios all.

PS. Pictures are up on the photodump.

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