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Berlin – Day #5

Final day. It’s sad really. I’ve come to love this city. It’s amazing. Did only two things today, and lots and lots of trains. Went WAY north to the Concentration camp, very sad… I highly suggest it. I just wish that we had had more time to be there… Then went over to Frederick the Greats palace. Very cool place. Again. I wish that we had more time to explore the grounds, because they were huge!

I’ve went out wondering once already tonight. Just looking things over, I’m about to head out again for the last time. I’m sure it’ll all be the same as what it was when I was just out there… But I don’t want to leave this area. Everything is changing so fast. When we got here, the streets were fall like, leaves everywhere, cold. Today, everything is lit up for the holidays, and all the major streets are lined with small shed like shops selling all kinds of treats and cute little christmas things. I’ve purchased all my gifts and I hope that everyone will be happy with them. I’m very satisfied with what I’ve gotten.

I only wish that I could spend more time here, so that I could learn more about this HUGE city. We’ve seriously spent 90% of our time in old East Berlin, and although great, I wish that we could have seen more of West berlin.

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin! 4:30am will come too soon.

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