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I found this funny article the other day.

Ten YouTube Videos you can’t miss.

My Favorites are:

Mentos + Diet Coke

History of M$

Nothing much else has happened in the last couple days. I’ve got a date with some guy up in Whittier tonight. We’ll see how that goes. This weekend is packed for me. I’m excited for it!

I’m GOING back to IOWA for a week in early Aug.. The 4th – 12th. So if you want to do something with me, give me a call! Damnit! So far I’m busy on the 4th, the 7-9th and the 10th (state fair!).


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That was actually cool with the diet coke and mentos experiment. And funny about Bill Gates, how embarrassing that would have been being up on stage and not have your product work for you.

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