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Must be Spring Fever

Well, not much has really happened this weekend.

The guy I was supposed to go out with last night didn’t call till 9:30 and by then I had already made other plans.

Oceanside Marine boy called as well, but I didn’t really want to drive all the way down there and he didn’t want to come up here… Someone else called, but then they realized it was raining and decided they didn’t want to go out.

I ended up meeting up with this guy who I’ve been talking to online for a while. Went over to his house about 8:30ish and we watched Saved! and then Hard Rain. Both were very good movies.

The whole time he was very cuddly and shit, which wasn’t a big deal. He was kinda cute. But then once the second movie was over I said that I had to go home and he was like, “what, I invite you over and don’t even get to get off.”

He was being completely serious too. I told him no, and then he was like, “You don’t even wanna just jack off.” Ugh! Why are these boys so fucking stupid and annoying.

That whole situation got me thinking more about the question which had been posed to me earlier in the day. Hence the previous entry. I’m still wondering why I was posed that question though.

I got an e-mail from Andrew’s Mother as well.. It states: Can you call me one day at (xxx) xxx-xxxx during the day? Call collect. I need to talk to you. That’s the new house phone number. Please call collect, I’ll accept the carges. PLEASE CALL ME.

I’m fairly nervous about what she wants to talk to me about so badly. She’s a very blunt woman, which is good most of the time, but in the state I’m in, I don’t think I can handle her bluntness. I’m going to call her tomorrow on my way to work. It’ll be 9amish for her, so I think it should be fine.

In a week is Austin’s birthday… I returned his gift that I had gotten him. But it’s bothering me now thinking about the other plans I had come up with. I wish they would still be able to happen. But alas. Perhaps I can find someone else to do them with instead. At least that way I’ll get them done…. I hate the fact that I plan so much, it just leads to let downs, when they don’t happen.

Jenks has a boy now… I’ve known Jenky for 2 years now (maybe more? I remember mentioning an aniversary a while back, but I don’t remember which it was) and he’s always been so anti-relationship, anti-sex… It’s just so wierd to think of him being in one now. I wish him the best of luck.

It must be Spring Fever.

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