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So.. I moved into the new office today for good… I have a feeling some people are mad about that. Umm, who knows for sure, whatever. I like it. Though it’s very empty.

Lat night I kinda had a break down, with being alone again and all that… The date boy cancelled. Fuckers.

So I called Angel and bitched at her for a while. She helped. I kinda wanna just fly her out here for a week or something to hang out. Gah.

I’ve replied to a few interview offers, but haven’t heard anything from those people back yet.

My group is going good so far, there’s 13 people that have joined already! And one of them is a complete random! So that’s cool. Now it’s just to see if these people will ACTUALLY go camping or not.

This guy Nile called me like 4 times last night, but I was in bed.. I wonder what the hell he wanted. How random. I tried calling him back this morning, but he didn’t answer.


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well i never went camping before.. but who knows maybe i’ll give it a shot one of these days.

camping would probably be a lot better if jake gyllenhaal was there… mmm drooooool


Yum yum… I’ll see what I can do to get him there.

But some of the boys in the group are pretty hot, so maybe if they come it’ll be just as good. 🙂


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