Verizon Contracts

So, I was supposed to have been out of my verizon contract this past Sept…

This past weekend, I went in and asked how much it would cost to upgrade the phone since I’m out of contract. The lady looks up my account and says.. “Well your account was renewed for a year because you added International calling”.

OK, So they AUTOMATICALLY extended my contract for a YEAR without TELLING me because I added a fucking feature! Hello, that’s not right people.

So now I’m stuck with Verizon. I’m thinking about calling the customer service and bitching, but who knows.

BUSY fucking weekend, and tonight will be busy as well… All in a private entry.


4 thoughts on “Verizon Contracts”

  1. Verizon fucked me over a couple years ago as well. I upgraded my phone and paid full price for the phone too so that I wouldn’t have to renew my contract. I kept the same plan, etc. They gave me another 2 year contract anyway. When I moved out here and switched to Cingular (Verizon’s reception is shit here), I had to pay the termination fee. The customer service rep spent 10 min trying to convince me that July04-Sept05 (so 15 months) at 55$/mon was cheaper than the 175$ early termination fee and that I should keep the phone. I was like are you crazy??? I cancelled them, paid the huge ass bill, and never looked back. I’ll never go back to them.. they suck.

  2. Yeah, seems they like to just auto re-new people without telling them! How fucking annoying.

    I think I’m going to just keep them anyways, I like the service coverage they get out here. So it’s not a problem.

    Dam Cell phone companies!

  3. I’ve always found Verizon’s customer service to be good. I was pretty happy with the service, except for coverage in the Polk City area, but that’s more of a CDMA issue.

    On the adding a feature and doing something you didn’t want: Nextel automatically subscribed me to call detail with my bill. I asked the rep in the store about it and she said that she had no way to prevent it, otherwise she would have asked me when I signed up… so why didn’t she tell me I would auto-signing up and be sure to cancel if I don’t want it? Still, my Nextel reception is better.. but poor IDEN is most likely going away in favor of CDMA. 🙁 At least I’ll have good reception for two years! ..I’m rambling.

  4. Haha. They do have pretty good customer service. Although I always have a HUGE problem when I call. It never seems to recognize my phone number. Which is annoying as hell. So I get stuck in this loop and after enough trys it just passes me through. And yes, I’ve tried just punching “0” as much as I can.

    I REALLY want to go with Cingular, but everyone complains about the service out here… :'( But I’m in love with the new SLVR phone.

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