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Two Dates….

So last night was pretty good… I had another date, amazingly.

This guy was cool. We’d hung out once before, but this time we went and saw the new Queen Latifah movie and it was just the two of us in the theater, so we laughed and talked all the way through the movie! It was HILARIOUS.

I left after that and went down to San Clemente to hang out with Austin and go to the Boom Boom. We had had this HUGE converstaion earlier in the day about how he likes going out and I don’t and that’s a problem and blah blah blah. But like the last few times I’ve asked HIM to go out, we always get together and then HE ends up saying. “I just want to hang out” so we don’t go. And he was blaming me, and made me feel like I bore him.

Well this time was NO DIFFERENT. I get down there and we talk and we head out, then he’s like. “I want to buy some drinks before we go.” So we go to Albertsons and buy drinks, then we drive to the Boom, and it looks dead. So then he’s like. “Well I don’t want to go”. So we go back to San Clemente and try finding a bar there, and we drive by these two that are actually kinda busy looking and then he’s like, “Well I’m not in the mood any more.”

SO we end up going back to his place and this was like midnight, so I’m just like… “Well, I’m going to go home then.” And he gives me this evil look, so I try asking him what he wants me to do, and he’s like, “Well, I’m just going to read and go to bed, but you can stay and drink”

But it’s like, well I don’t want to stay and drink if all you’re going to do is read and then go to bed… Plus he had JUST COMPLAINED THAT DAY that he doesn’t like just hanging out there because he feels like he has to entertain me!

Gah, so he’s so confusing! So I get ready to leave and we’re standing there next to the door and he’s giving me this evil look with his arms crossed, and I say. “Can I have a hug.” and he just sighs and gives me this even more evil look. So I’m just like, “OK, no, see you later” and left.


Ya know, I really think that maybe this boy is in love with me (or REALLY likes me) and just doesn’t want ot admit it, because when I told him about these dates he was all annoyed sounding. AND when I wasn’t back late on Tuesday he CALLED me at like 10:30 to find out where I was. AND when I told him about this one he was suddenly all wanting to hang out.

BTW, if you’re on my LJ friends list and haven’t been seeing posts by me lately, hit up my site and read what you’ve missed. There’s been a bug in the LJ Crossposting plugin that I use and I just got it fixed last night, thanks to the plugin maintainer! 😀

Adios, yall.

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Queen Latifa is da bomb. Have you ever heard her really sing? First time I did was in the movie, Living Out Loud. Great movie and she sings the song Lush Life and does such a great job with it.

You will have to rent that movie then, Living Out Loud. You will like it and you will be bowled over with QL’s voice. Prior to that all I had ever heard her do was hip hop/rap. My jaw dropped at her talent.

I am sure you have done this, but have you asked him if he really likes you or not?

Just the two of you in the movie theater, that would be cool. You know they are talking on the news how people like in Calfornia are going to the movies less and less, but here in the Midwest it is not so.

Go figure….We are the last to do anything when the trend is being set. Look how Calfornia people would have high speed chases from the cops and how long after that it finally hit Iowa. Like 2 to 3 years. HA!!

9:13:28 PM austin: i like you a lot, but i don’t think ur the guy for me

9:20:36 PM austin: i feel like i need someone more dominating

9:21:08 PM austin: more controlling

That’s answer it? lol.

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