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Night With Austin

Ok, so the confusion is still going strong!

Warning, TMI to follow:

Last night Austin txted me and said he would be back in the area about 9 and wanted to go to Luckys. So he came over, and like the second he was in the door he was all over me, cuddling with me and shit on the couch and rubbing my head and being all cute and this…

So then I showered and he made himself dinner. I got all pretty, nice new pants and a nice shirt, did my hair and put in contacts. Everything!

Then we sit down on the couch waiting to go and again he’s being all cuddly and stuff, then its time and he’s like, “I’d rather just stay here and talk with you”. So that was nice of him to say.

So we lay around on the couch and watch TV and it’s getting late and I’m getting tired so I just suggest he spend the night cause it was REALLY foggy out and you couldn’t see anything. So we go and lay in the bedroom and he watches TV for a while and stuff.

I fall asleep for a while then all of a sudden he grabs my hand and puts it on his penis (he still had underwear on). And he says, “Why don’t you ever want to touch me.” And I just wantd to say so badly… “Why don’t you ever want to kiss me.” But I didn’t want to get into it then, it was too nice cuddling with him and stuff. lol. So I leave my hand there and start playing with him a bit through his underwear and he’s playing with me. Then he starts kissing my cheak and my arm and he starts to move in like he’s going to kiss me for real, and I’m getting all excited then at the last minute he moves and kisses me on the corner of my mouth and then backs off some.

So eventually we both end up nude and we jack each other off… And that was nice, but whatever. So we slept nude and cuddled all night…

I just wish that he would freaking stop confusing me so much! Make out with me and do something… Gah, it’s just so confusing.

Boys, I tell ya!

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Well.. next time he gets that close.. be sneaky.. If he’s that close, he can’t turn away fast enough.

Haha, true… I almost went for it yesterday… But I chickened out!

I just want to ask him if he just likes me cause he wants to fuck, or what… I dunno!

he grabs my hand and puts it on his penis (he still had underwear on). And he says, “Why don’t you ever want to touch me.”

Ah, so that’s how it’s done. I’ll have to try that…

…So what your sayin’ is that perhaps this trick would only work on gay dudes? And not straight chicks?


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