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So, I’m really liking the new wordpress 2.0.1. I’m very annoyed that the fun controls don’t work in Safari though. 🙁

I’ve started modifying the source though. I don’t like that there’s no distinciton between public and private entries on the main page when you are logged in. I’ll submit my code to the tree once it’s done. But that might take a while. They’ve changed nearly everything since I last did any real coding to the tree way back in b2 days, so I have to relearn what most of the functions are doing, plus they completely got rid of the old way of doing user levels, so that’s all strange now.

I’m also working on adding a private search function and mass edit to the admin menu. I again don’t like that there’s no easy way to show all private entries or to mass edit them to public. IE for me, private enteries only stay private for a year max. Then I go to the DB and run an update statement. But sometimes I screw it up, like a few months ago, and accidentially made some private entries public that werent’e meant to be.

And lastly on this topic is that now I have to be more careful when other people are using my comptuer so that they don’t go to my page and see the private entries on there. IE, lately there’s been a private nearly every day, so when Austin came over last night I had to make sure to log out before he could look through it. haha.

Speaking of though, he came over last night after getting back from out of town. He decided not to go to San Fran after all. I was very glad to see him, he spent the night… More in the LJ Friends Only post.

Work today is exciting, I’m making lots of progress on things. 🙂


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Here’s an idea, setup a stored procedure to run the update for you and then just go in and do an EXEC StoredProcedureName every now and again. If you need help with this, give me a hollar. 🙂

I think our host is still at 4.x isn’t it? Who knows… Either way, I like reading through the posts before I make them public anyways… There’s some things like AIM convos that I tend to like keeping private.

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