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So I woke up this morning at 4:30 thinking that it was Thursday, which meant that I would be coming into work at 9am instead of the normal 5:30, so I sat there and re-set my alarm and rolled back over to go to sleep… And then realized it was only Tuesday. I was so disappointed.

Yesterday was a very stressful day for me. But all of that’s going into a private entry.

I spent the night working on stuff and playing Sim City 4. I installed Rush Hour last night and it deleted all my cities that I had alrady done, but that’s ok, because they were gay cities anyways.. My new ones are much better. I really have to say that I enjoy the game play of Rush Hour much more then the game play of the regular Sim City 4 game. I dunno what it is, but I just do. So far I’ve got one medium city and two small cities going in a my region, one of them is all residential (the medium) and the other two are just industrial areas. I like to keep them seperated because it makes the life quality of the poeple in the residential areas better. Sure they have long comutte times, but as long as you provide good mass transit, IE, Buses and Subways they don’t seem to really mind.

Today marks two years of knowing Jenikns! Happy anniversary Jenky! 😀 Now I just need to get his ass out here to visit me, damn poor college students can’t afford thier own air fare! Maybe this summer I can talk him into coming for a week or so.

Speaking of people visiting though, my aunt is coming in Febuary and so is Mark. I’m excited to see both of them! Mark and I are going to go up to LA and go out to dinner and then drinking (EDIT: I Should say that I am going up to LA to visit Mark, because that’s where he will be and won’t have a car to comehere), and then Sunday I’ll head up to Rancho Cucamonga to see my Aunt and the other person who is related to me who lives there.

MO is annoying me today… He sent me a ticket about something and like 20 minutes later he asks if there’s any solution… I replied and RESOLVED the ticket 5 minutes after he gave the damn thing to me, if he would only check his fucking e-mail he would see that there is a Solution and the issue is taken care of! THEN after I tell him it’s resolved he’s like, “What was the problem”… READ THE DAMN TICKET!

Sorry, I’m still in a really bad mood everyone… I might bite heads this week.

I’ve got iLife ’06 downloaded finially. I put uTorrent on my new computer and I have to say there is something about it that just made the damn thing FLY! I had been running it on my Mac with the official bittorrent client, and it was going to take WEEKS to download. I moved it over to my desktop with uTorrent and the damn thing (ALL 6.8 GIGS) downloaded in 9 hours!


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I’m a big fan of Azureus for torrents. The official bittorrent client is lacking in a lot of areas. Multitracking for instance. And the ability to download only select certain files in batch torrents.

Yea for torrents!

Yeah, now that I’ve seen the light, the official bittorrent client is gay! OMG, I was so amazed at how much faster the damn thing went once I used uTorrent.. It went from downlaoding at .1Kbs to 300Kbs!!!

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