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So I caught Blake in a huge lie yesterday.

Just for background information.. He says he has this best friend Jimmy, who moved to New Hampshire back in the fall sometime. And he’s got this BF named Jake. Jimmy suddenly died, Jake takes over Jimmy’s spot in constantly IMing me telling me that Blake loves me, etc… Blah blah blah.

I’ve always assumed there was something fishy with the whole Blake/Jimmy/Jake thing. Something always came up whenever the two were “in town” that they couldnt come visit me. Jimmy/Jake always used Blake’s Yahoo messanger instead of using his own damn AIM name. The one time that Jimmy posted a comment on my blog, he used blake’s e-mail instead of his own e-mail. Just random small things like that.

I just let it slid mostly, not a big deal, it could all be true…

Well, yesterday Jake had supposedly left Blake a comment on his journal. So my curious mind goes and looks at the logs. The comment that Jake left came from the same damn IP address as the person who posted the entry that Blake had just made.

Here’s the comment post:

blake-access.log.1: – – [29/Jan/2006:16:30:56 -0800] “POST /wordpress/wp-comments-post.php HTTP/1.1” 302 5 “” “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; YPC 3.2.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)” “-”

And here’s the post post:

blake-access.log.1: – – [25/Jan/2006:16:20:14 -0800] “GET /wordpress/wp-admin/inline-uploading.php?post=-1138234810&action=upload HTTP/1.0” 200 8062 “” “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)” “-”

Notice the SAME IP ADDRESS and the same AOL/MSIE/WINDOWSNT information?

Also, if you look at all the comments that Blake has left me on MY journal they ALL come from the same IP range: 207.200.116.*

Also here’s a graphical image for you to see as well:

So I ask him about it and he really avoids answering it, but then suddenly he says that he can’t log in. So I go and look and EVERY comment he’s posted on there and the comment that Jake posted on there is deleted. So I start looking at the logs and I can see from HIS IP address that he’s deleting comments.

As seen here: – – [30/Jan/2006:09:49:06 -0800] “GET /wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php?p=26&c=1#comments HTTP/1.0” 200 5557 “” “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; YPC 3.2.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)” “-”

So anyways, he lied to me about being the person who left the comments.. Then later in the day he says. “Jake e-mailed it to me and then I posted it” Umhm, that would have been beleivable if you had said that first thing that morning and not deleted all the comments.

WHICH, he claims it was JAKE who deleted all the comments… Now isn’t that just SUCH a coincidence that Jake deleted all the comments AS SOON AS I brought up the fact that there was a problem with them!?!? Hmm. How does that work!

Here’s relevant issues in our conversation:

9:43:32 AM blackc2004: So how come jake used your e-mial addy on his comment?

9:43:58 AM bnett84: he cant put his work address, i asked the same question

9:44:08 AM blackc2004: doesn’t he have a personal e-=mail?

9:44:13 AM bnett84: he is not supposed to use his e-mail adress outside of work, but he does

9:44:30 AM bnett84: it is tied to his work address

9:44:37 AM bnett84: everything is forwarded there

9:44:46 AM blackc2004: well he still could have posted his personal one at least

9:44:57 AM bnett84: he is setting up a gamil account today i think

9:45:19 AM blackc2004: Ohh… i also noticed that his comment and your comment that you left came from the same ip address… that’s really strange

9:45:39 AM bnett84: what comment i left?

9:45:57 AM blackc2004: one where you replied to me.

9:46:18 AM blackc2004: My RSS reader grabs all the informaion when people leave new comments

9:47:19 AM bnett84: are you logged in right now

9:47:24 AM blackc2004: logged into what?

9:47:34 AM bnett84: my wordpress, because i cant get in it

9:49:07 AM bnett84: i cant get in it

9:50:28 AM blackc2004: are you sure you are using the right username/passwd?

9:50:33 AM bnett84: yes

9:50:40 AM blackc2004: do you want me to try?

9:50:44 AM blackc2004: what’s the passwd i gave you?

9:50:45 AM bnett84: you can

9:50:48 AM bnett84: blaker

9:51:39 AM blackc2004: i got in just fine

9:51:46 AM blackc2004: i’ll log out now

9:52:44 AM bnett84: it tells me acces denied, server does not know password

9:53:39 AM blackc2004: I think you’re lying because now the comments are all gone from the main page.

9:53:45 AM bnett84: i am not

9:53:50 AM bnett84: i am trying to get in there

9:54:42 AM bnett84: i got to the main page, there are even post missing

9:54:47 AM bnett84: but i cant log in

9:55:14 AM blackc2004: i don’t see any posts missing

9:55:28 AM bnett84: there are two or three i think

9:56:24 AM bnett84: rememebr the other day i had 20

9:56:35 AM bnett84: now i have 21 and i have posted since then

9:58:03 AM blackc2004: – – [30/Jan/2006:09:49:31 -0800] “POST /wordpress/wp-admin/list-manipulation.php HTTP/1.1” 200 13 “” “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; YPC 3.2.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)” “-”

9:58:22 AM bnett84: whats that?

9:58:36 AM blackc2004: It shows that someone on AOL 9.0 is editing comments this morning

9:58:49 AM blackc2004: at 9:49

9:59:43 AM bnett84: haha it isnt me then

10:00:09 AM bnett84: i dont use AOL 9.0 anymore, i only use Mozilla and Triilion

10:00:33 AM bnett84: are you happy, no more crutch?

10:01:02 AM blackc2004: WEll then, who WOULD be editing your comments suddenly now that I started to question about them?

10:01:31 AM bnett84: JAKE

10:01:47 AM bnett84: i gave him my password last night so he could try and do something with it

10:02:04 AM blackc2004: What’s his screen name, let me talk to him then

10:03:24 AM bnett84: Jimmysbako

10:03:32 AM blackc2004: No, that’s the one you claimed was jimmys

10:03:41 AM bnett84: he uses it too

10:03:55 AM bnett84: he isnt logged on anymore he was earlier this morning

10:03:58 AM blackc2004: wha’st jakes

10:04:53 AM blackc2004: Ok, well why on earth would jake suddenly delete his comment and all of yours and some posts?

10:05:31 AM bnett84: because, i dont want to talk about it

10:05:53 AM bnett84: he is never going to talk to me again is why

10:05:56 AM blackc2004: are you lying to me

10:06:02 AM bnett84: no i am not

10:06:15 AM blackc2004: why is he never going to talk to ou again?

10:06:30 AM bnett84: something i said to him today

10:06:35 AM blackc2004: which was

10:06:53 AM bnett84: i dont want to talk about it i feel like shit already for saying it

10:07:38 AM blackc2004: well if you already feel like shit, then you can tell me. it won’t make it any worse

10:08:38 AM bnett84: i told him he is the worse thing that happenen to Jimmy, and he has ruined my life, and i want him to stay out of it

10:10:15 AM bnett84: i feel so bad, i dont know what to do about it

10:11:37 AM bnett84: he just pissed me off with something he said and i just blew my top

10:12:23 AM blackc2004: Umhm, well it’s just sooo coincidental that he deleted ALL your comments as well as his, why would he do that?

10:12:53 AM bnett84: because he is pissed at me, he has already got into my yahoo and deleted everyones contact information

10:13:33 AM bnett84: he is acting like a little kid

10:15:00 AM bnett84: i dont have your information anymore, i dont have my cousins, which i will have to work on getting back

10:15:35 AM blackc2004: I’m sorry, but i’m not buying it right now

10:15:43 AM bnett84: dont then

10:20:06 AM blackc2004: Blake, there’s no possible way for one IP address to have posted your last post, and that comment and a comment that was supposedly by you.

10:24:45 AM bnett84: i will brb

10:26:16 AM bnett84: i am going to kill myself

10:26:22 AM blackc2004: no you’re not

10:26:29 AM bnett84: why wont i?

10:26:37 AM blackc2004: Why would you

10:26:49 AM bnett84: you hate me Jake hates me the world hates me

10:27:09 AM blackc2004: I just think you should come clean

10:27:24 AM bnett84: i have not done anything

10:28:03 AM blackc2004: Then explain to me how 3 things have come from 1 IP address that should have come from 2.

10:30:45 AM bnett84: Jake just said he manipulated it

10:30:55 AM blackc2004: And how did he manage that?

10:31:12 AM bnett84: i dont know he knows a heel of a lot more about computers than i do

10:31:32 AM blackc2004: well why don’t you have him explain it to me.

10:31:38 AM bnett84: ok

10:31:43 AM bnett84: ask him about it

10:31:50 AM blackc2004: No, you have him expain it

10:33:33 AM bnett84: he said he went into a control panel

10:33:48 AM blackc2004: what kind of control panel?

10:34:29 AM bnett84: hilighted the TCP/IP address grabbed it and put it in his network

10:35:30 AM blackc2004: You can’t just put an IP on his network.

10:35:40 AM bnett84: he said he did

Also there was this:

11:37:09 AM bnett84: It was Jimmy’s mom bringing me my work check

11:37:57 AM bnett84: i got a raise i guess

11:38:05 AM blackc2004: why did she have it

11:38:10 AM bnett84: $15.35 an hour

11:38:42 AM bnett84: i dont know why she had it

11:39:22 AM bnett84: she had to sign for it, thats why

I’m sorry, but WHY DID SHE HAVE TO SIGN FOR YOUR PAYCHECK? And There’s NO WAY that a security guard is making that much an hour!

Then, isn’t it convienent that:

12:34:54 PM bnett84: Jake called, pissed off

12:34:58 PM blackc2004: about

12:35:09 PM bnett84: he just got fired from his Job

12:35:16 PM blackc2004: Oh, why

12:35:58 PM bnett84: he didnt say but he said he will tell me later


5:36:48 PM bnett84: jake said he was sorry for stuff that he did today,he ruined my whole journl that i have online, that i only let Jimmy read, and now none of it is there and i cant replace it

5:37:31 PM bnett84: i was eventually going to start showing you, but you dont want to know about my past my past is so deressing


5:42:44 PM blackc2004: and if there’s anything you’ve lied about you have to tell me now

5:43:41 PM bnett84: Jake did not post thatcomment today, i posted it for him, he sent it in an e-mail to me and i wanted it to be put on tere

5:44:33 PM blackc2004: i’m sorry, but i still can’t believe that because if that’s the fact you would have just said so this morning

5:45:14 PM bnett84: he hates me now for putting it on there

5:45:33 PM blackc2004: i dbout that would cause anyone to hate you

5:45:54 PM bnett84: yes because he tld me not to pst it on there and i went ahead and did it anyways

5:46:56 PM blackc2004: i still doubt he would hate you for that

5:47:34 PM bnett84: yes ecause i posted it and then proceded to cuss him out about different things

5:48:31 PM bnett84: but anyways, i have to go to class now, i am going to be online around 7

Also, here’s a conversation with the supposed Jake (Which I asked for at 10:03, and he finially IMed me at 10:20, plenty of time for someone to go create another account):

10:20:15 AM jakemills81: Hi

10:20:23 AM blackc2004: Who’s this

10:21:06 AM jakemills81: i am sure you can figure it out, tell you fucking little friend to fucking get a life and stay out of yours if you know what is good for you

10:21:29 AM blackc2004: I’m not sure what yo are talking about

10:21:53 AM jakemills81: Blake, he is so messed up

10:22:29 AM blackc2004: About?

10:22:43 AM jakemills81: everything

10:23:25 AM blackc2004: I’m not sure what you are saying

10:23:39 AM jakemills81: i dont want to be part of his life anymore, and you shouldnt either, he should die alone

10:23:47 AM blackc2004: Why’s that?

10:24:37 AM jakemills81: he annoys me, fuck, i am trying to ruin his life just as he has mine

10:25:06 AM blackc2004: Oh?

10:26:47 AM blackc2004: How?

10:28:30 AM jakemills81: all his websites, i have done something to, i have outted him to his grandparents

10:29:05 AM jakemills81: im sorry if it has hurt you, but i want to hurt him in some way for hurting me

10:29:17 AM blackc2004: and what has he done to you

10:29:34 AM jakemills81: a lot of different shit

10:29:45 AM jakemills81: i cant take anymore of him

10:29:50 AM blackc2004: such as

10:30:28 AM jakemills81: blamed me for Jims death, assuming he got Jimmys family mad at me and made me go home

10:31:53 AM jakemills81: he cant settle down

10:32:42 AM blackc2004: Umhm.

10:35:52 AM blackc2004: brb – My fridge is rampaging in next doors garden, I need to go cheer it on.

10:41:35 AM blackc2004: back

10:41:50 AM jakemills81: wb

10:43:21 AM jakemills81: tell Blake I’m sorry i am going now

10:43:30 AM blackc2004: you tell him

10:43:58 AM jakemills81: he wont listen to me, he will listen to you

10:45:28 AM jakemills81: im sorry what i said earlier about him too, keep him in your life, he needs it, i am being immature, i should have never stared what i did

10:46:03 AM jakemills81: started*

10:47:11 AM jakemills81: good bye friend

Blake sent me the following e-mail as well:

Hey Babe:

I am sorry if i have ever done anything worng to hurt you. I just want you to know thatyou are a bigpart of my life. I mean if you werent, do you think i would talk to you almost every day? I never should have got involved between you and Austin, because it has hurt our friendship a great deal. I wish we could be back the way we were say four or five months ago. Let me know what i can do to get us back to the way we used to be , because i dont want you to leave my life…btw dont i get 2 or 3 chances? haha j/k. I love you a lot more than you knoe ,and even though you dont know this yet, i look up to you in a number of ways. I wish i could express myself to you more, so you can know my so-called madness, but i am afraid you will not like me anymore. Anyways, i guess i will talk to you later.

Love, Blake–

When i first met you i was afriad to like u, now that i like you im

afraid to love u, now that i love u im afraid lose you!

I’m not even sure I can believe that he has cancer anymore…. I just have to re-evaluate everything.

And lastly, I just want to say how annoyed I am at Ausitn now for letting him STILL COME DOWN TODAY! Hello, after all the shit from today, why WOULD HE LET HIM do that… If they make out or anything, I’m going to be SO FUCKING PISSED. I dunno how I feel about Austin any more, I’m not sure I can deal with this.


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