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Ugh… Boys Part 2

So this weekend was just a major waste for me. After friday I didn’t get dressed till Sunday afternoon when I went out to coffee with Than and his Bf. It was good to get to finially meet them, they were nice.

After that I went to a movie with Austin. We get into the theater and he like immediatly puts the arm rest down between us. So yeah, to me that sends a strong message. After the movie we went back to my house and he stayed for like an hour. Sat on the complete opposite side of the couch from me all like folded up to himself.

He also made it sound like I forced him to come to the movie and made me feel like I’ve been smothering him. So I’m just going to back off and when he’s ready he can say he wants to hang out agian. I don’t want to fuck this friendship up.

The movie was ok, it was King Kong… I wouldn’t say you should go out and see it in the theaters, wait till it’s on DVD.


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