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Hmm, so yesterday… I installed WP2.0 on my dev site again, with a fresh copy of my DB. Then I started playing with it more, got new plugin’s and deleted out old ones that I don’t use any more or were broken. I even updated a few that were broken and I wanted to keep. So yeah.

I also found a COOL new feature that I’ve actually submitted code for twice. If you are logged in, you can now see your private entries right in line with all the other posts. Which is very cool! Something I’ve been asking for since the early days of B2. I wrote code for it way back then and had it on my site. Submitted th code to the b2 guy and he said it was a feature that not enough people would use so he rejected it. Then when wordpress took over the b2 code, I submited it again with the same rejection. Now YEARS later, I’m glad to see they finially implemented the feature! 😀

Anyhow, I’ve started designing a new theme, it’s going to be all original too, something that I haven’t done in a very long time. Most of my themes are ones I’ve simply modified with new colors/graphics, etc. And usually the graphics are all stolen and just modified a little bit. This one is going to be a personal graphics and all! Don’t hold your breath though, it’s going to be a while.

I went out and bought a new computer last night as well. It’s an AMD 64-bit, 1Gig RAM, and 200Gig HD. It’s running pretty nicely. But OMG, I fucking HATE the way that windows computers are shipped. WHY is it impossible to get a windows computer with just simply the fucking OS installed? Why do they insist on installing all this extra CRAP galor! In fact, the first time I started it the extra crap that they installed cause the damn thing to kernel panic! How horrible is that? I had to start it in fucking safe mode and delete the offending program before I could even use the damn thing. WTF.

So I played around with it some and installed Sim City 4 and have been playing with that for a while now. I’m not too sure yet if I shall keep windows on there, or if it will be replaced with Linux. We will see. If I do keep windows, I WILL be deleteing the one that was pre-installed and installing a fresh copy.

Every morning on my drive into work, I listen to star 98.7 here in LA/OC. They claim to be the station with the most variety. Yet, in the 30 minutes that I drive to work, they play about 2-3 songs… And every day I hear the SAME FUCKING SONGS! How is that the station with the most variety, if all you are playing is 1 song every 10 minutes in the morning, I should NEVER hear the same damn song. It’s the same thing when I drive home, they are always playing the same songs! It’s getting really old, but I really enjoy the morning show people there. THey are funny

I haven’t seen Austin since Tuesday, he’s been busy with his family and doing interviews. He’s taking his mom to the airport at 10 today, and I think he wants me to leave work then and hang out, but I think that might be a little to early to be leaving. So maybe I’ll leave about noonish. Though I don’t want to make him wait around in the area till then. Who knows.

I also really want to get camping since I didn’t get too last week and I still have all the food in my fridge that is going bad. So I have to either eat it all or go camping and eat it. I vote for camping, but it seems that Austin isn’t too hot into that any more. Maybe I will still have to be going alone. Oh well.

I’m surprised that the Audi A3 is winning on my poll in the previous post… I thought most people hated the way it looked!


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All that food will taste better in the great outdoors so I vote to go camping and eat it. But you should not go alone, gotta watch out for those wild animals you have there.

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