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I feel so stupid (1)

5:39:40 PM bnett84: hey i got an invite to sit on his lap…haha

5:39:57 PM blackc2004: and you’ll probably use it too, but you won’t use mine.

5:40:09 PM bnett84: i can never spend the night

5:40:21 PM blackc2004: never ever

5:40:31 PM blackc2004: ?

5:41:07 PM bnett84: i can, just havent been able to

5:42:36 PM blackc2004: i wish you could

5:42:55 PM bnett84: for breakfast?

5:43:06 PM bnett84: so you can make me breakfast i mean

5:43:22 PM blackc2004: lots of reasons

5:43:33 PM bnett84: you just want my cock…haha

5:43:36 PM blackc2004: no

5:43:42 PM blackc2004: if i wanted that i’d have had it already

5:43:53 PM bnett84: haha

5:44:11 PM blackc2004: tis true

5:44:26 PM blackc2004: , no?

5:44:57 PM bnett84: yea

5:45:33 PM blackc2004: if austin wanted it could he have it.

5:45:47 PM bnett84: wanted what?

5:45:52 PM blackc2004: what are we talking about?

5:45:59 PM bnett84: not right away

5:46:13 PM blackc2004: but he could get it?

5:46:24 PM bnett84: yes with requirements

5:46:29 PM blackc2004: what requirements

5:46:36 PM bnett84: commitment

5:46:42 PM blackc2004: are you just mocking me now

5:46:44 PM bnett84: trust

5:46:57 PM bnett84: not really

5:47:01 PM blackc2004: not really?

5:47:19 PM bnett84: i would need time

5:47:30 PM bnett84: i dont know what the requirements would be

5:47:45 PM bnett84: I was telling him tonight that i can see my old b/f in his pictures

5:47:54 PM blackc2004: oh?

5:48:35 PM blackc2004: how so?

5:48:39 PM bnett84: it is weird

5:49:16 PM bnett84: the one you sent me where he is wearing the yellow shirt, i can totally see him there

5:49:27 PM blackc2004: ah

5:49:31 PM blackc2004: do you like him already?

5:49:40 PM bnett84: not yet

5:50:18 PM bnett84: i am sort of debating getting to like him because of my whole ex thing

5:50:38 PM blackc2004: oh.

5:50:43 PM bnett84: but then again it may be good, i dont know

5:51:00 PM bnett84: thats why i am happy and sad and sort of depressed

5:51:38 PM blackc2004: Ahh, happy and sad because he reminds you about him?

5:51:44 PM bnett84: yea

5:51:50 PM blackc2004: what bout the rest of it?

5:52:15 PM bnett84: depressed because i cant have him back

5:52:20 PM bnett84: i will never see him again

5:52:29 PM blackc2004: yeah.. what about the loving part?

5:52:51 PM bnett84: that has nothing to do with him or you

5:53:02 PM blackc2004: what does it have to do with then?

5:53:30 PM bnett84: just me and Jimmy

5:53:35 PM blackc2004: what about?

5:53:42 PM bnett84: our fight today

5:54:01 PM bnett84: i wish it didnt happen

5:54:13 PM bnett84: he wont even answer the phone when i call him

5:54:23 PM blackc2004: aww, that sucks. how’s he know it’s u?

5:54:45 PM bnett84: Caller ID i call from his mothers house in his room where he has his own number

5:54:58 PM blackc2004: oh, why don’t you use your calling card?

5:55:09 PM bnett84: those minutes are for you

5:55:21 PM blackc2004: use them for him. he’s more important then i am.

5:55:34 PM blackc2004: fix your friendship and get it off your chest, it will make you feel better

5:56:04 PM bnett84: i know, but anyways babe, i have to get going now…i may be online tomorrow but not until after 5 or so

5:56:20 PM blackc2004: please call him, do it for me, eh?

5:56:23 PM blackc2004: have a good night

5:56:33 PM bnett84: you too talk to you later babe::hugs::

5:56:39 PM blackc2004: bubybe

The whole time I wanted to ask.. “What about me”.

And I really wanted to say. “If you really wanted to, you would find a way”

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