Lazy Days

Is anyone else lazy as fuck today?

Cause I sure am.

I just want to take a book, and go lay in the grass and let the sun hit my face and spend the day reading and watching the clouds float on by.

Who’s game?

4 thoughts on “Lazy Days”

  1. How borning is this post, mine is much more exciting, but you never like to promote it…I must not be that special…haha I would lay on the grass here and watch the clouds go by, but it is much too wet to do that. I gusee we could go lay out on my porch at your apt.

  2. I promoted you, I posted a link to your site, AND I added you as a blog reader! 😛

    And to help, when you fill in the comment boxes you could put your link there. That way google will follow it more. 🙂

    We should go lay on the grass together and watch the clouds go by, we could cuddle and make out and you could give me that steamy sex that I’m paying for!

    (The porch is very wet too, so I don’t think that would work, plus you can’t really see the clouds)

  3. But i wouldnt need to see the clouds, because i would be able to see you. but anyways i am sitting here with an IV in my wrist…ttyl

  4. You would get bored looking at me, I am nothing special.

    You know, everyone in Iowa asked if we were dating yet when I was back, it was funny. I was sad that I had to tell them no. 🙁

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