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Departing DM

Well, good bye DM, and good bye 2005. Welcome to 2006 everyone. If things work out I won’t be back to DM for a year. And strangly enough I’m really not all that sad about it. Sure I’m going to miss my friends, Mandy, Zach, Nic, etc. But Justin and Jed just didn’t come through this time like they normally do, so I’m over it. I’m really very annoyed with Jed though. Oh well. Tis all in the past now.

Speaking of the new year, I spent the night hanging out with Mandy, Zach and Vero. We had a good time, nothing really. It was more like just an average night. We watched a movie and played this random Pimp/Whore game. It was very fun though I was very out of it and not in a greatest mood every. What with the news of Blake and feeling sick in general.

I got home about 2ish and went to bed. I didn’t climb out of bed till noon. Mostly I spent the morning laying there thinking about blake and feeling like shit because i’m sick again.

Blah blah blah. I have a feeling this will be a year of great ups and downs, and over all bad in general. We shall see.

I get into OC at 9:30 tonight. And will be going straight to bed once I get home.

Goodnight all.

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Honestly, I hope there are some damn good surprises for me in 2006 as well.

However, I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending 2 funerals this year. And no, I don’t think one of them will be Blakes.

Who knows, it may be my funeral. But i think you should go to every funeral that your grandma tells you about…well thats probably everyday. I need to hurry up and get out of this hospital, and take the boy in the bed next to me home with me…haha j/k. he is a hottie though… He has already got slapped by me for getting a little too close. oh and i will have to tell you abnout my nurse this morning a little later

It will not be… Yours won’t be for many years to come, I’ll be old and WAY more wrinkled!

And yes, if I went to all the ones she told me about, it would be every day, I don’t think I could afford to fly back to Iowa for all those. Though, based on the our family history we’re probably related to all of them somehow!

And I know you’ve been making out with him. I hope you got a picture to show me!

You’re so picky too, I’ve already heard that nurse story, I hope you don’t throw your food at me when you redeem your evite. 😉

Sorry that I missed you this weekend. I teh wanted to hang out, but no such luck either night, and Mandar told me that you were doing something during our Sunday shindig. *hugs*

Eh, we always miss each other, you are far too busy of a boy! Maybe next christmas, eh?

Hope life is good though! I was busy sunday, flying home. lol. Sad that I missed it though, I heard Lewis was supposed to be there?

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