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Ok, so last night was pretty fun.

I spent the day sitting around the house, dad and I went and got chinesse food for dinner… And then Mandy and Zach called at like 8.

We headed out to DM to pick up Nic and then off to drinking.

We started out at this random ass bar in DM, it was ghetto, called. “carl’s place”. But we ran into the most random people there! The Burn’s, Stoll and Ritchie… Very random. They came over and talked to us and that was crazy. They were all very nice.

After that we headed out to Twisted Parrot in Urbandale. And had a good time there. I got pretty tipsy, but not drunk drunk. lol. Left there about 1ish and dropped nic off then went home. Got here about 2 and went to bed, after drunk texting Danny P. lol. Another random from my past! haha. He might come visit me in Cali though, so that would be fun!

Today my PU’s are out buying a new fridge cause ours is broken.

I’m out.

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