My Life


Gah, I’m so bored.

Why is everyone I know so fucking busy this week! :'(

Today I got up and drove my brother down to the court house. After that I went out with Beak to Hu-Hot and then we spent the day talking and stuff.. She and I had a debate as to if Blake was good or bad and if they liked him or not… haha. It was funny. I finially convinced her that he’s way too perfect! Cause he is.

Speaking of though, he wasn’t online today and I’m sad by that. I want to find out if he’s going to be in the OC for new years or not. Cause if he is, and if he can make time forme. I’m totally flying back early. I’ve clearly got nothing left to do around here. Blah.

After beak I went to dinner at Mondos with Justin. He was working so we only had a short amount of time and then I came on home.

I guess we’re not going to MN now afterall, he’s got to work. :'(

So yep. That’s my day here.

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