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One Thousand Yellow Daisies

Blah. I finished “The Confusion” last night. I can’t WAIT to get onto the next one. Perhaps I shall buy it while I am back in Iowa and read it there.

How come it seems the only christmas song I’ve been hearing out here is “Last Christmas” I really HATE that song.

I got into work today and someone had printed out my away message and posted it on my desk? How random!

I leave this afternoon for Iowa and get back in late tonight. I’m very excited!! Woot! I packed last night and all that shit.

I had the most random dream last night about Andrew. We were having some wicked sex. And I mean like MEAN wicked sex, we were yelling at each other the whole time, like the same arguments we’ve had a million times before. It was SO fucking wierd.

Check out my NEW photodump. I’ll work on making it faster once I get back from Iowa. I need to install a few things so that it seves up thumbnails instead of the full sized image!

And that’s about it.

Adios all!

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Happy Holidays yo!

Will Chris be around Iowa long enough to hang out with Zach? Or is all your time scedualed aready for people cooler then him?

Zach won’t have to be back to work till the third

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