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Damn Cats

Why is it that whenever I splurge on myself to get something nice, something big always comes up that I HAVE to pay for.

I took the cat to the vet yesterday… $500!! Holy shit. She didn’t throw up again after we took her, but she did this morning about 8. I tried giving her the meds they gave her… 2 pills and this sticky stuff. It was really gross. I couldn’t get the damn pills down her though. And she dug her claws all the way into my thumb, it bled for like 30 minutes. damn cat!

Anyways, laundry day today! adios

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I know what you mean. I took my car to automotive place and now I have to spend around $600 to repair it. It seems like when I am just getting ahead, something this pops up.

Life really sucks sometimes!!

When you give your cat those pills, try putting them into some stuff food so she may not know the icky pills are in it. It always works with my mom’s dogs, of course dogs will eat anything.

Good luck!!!!!

Yeah, I know how that goes. I gave myself a present of Paris, $1,000… Then $700 to fix my car, now $500 for the damn cat! Thankfully I got the break on the fucking insurance! But I was wanting to spend that extra money on something else for me, but now it had to go to the damn cat. 🙁

Blah! Fuck me and my obsession with saving money… If I just spent all my income like most people do, I wouldn’t have an amzon or a thinkgeek wishlist, cause I’d be able to buy it all for myself! lol

And my cat’s not that stupid, she finds the meds. lol I got her to take them down tonight, so that’s good!


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