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If you want to buy me some things I also want the following:



Chess Set

The Solar Orrery

Constellation Draco Compass

So get out your checkbooks!

So remember a few weeks ago I was supposed to go up to Big Bear with this guy Joshua? Well as you know, I never called him and he enver called me so we never went.

Well this week he IMed me and was like, “You wanna go again”. So I said, sure i’ll give him another chance. So I called him twice yesterday and sent him a few txt messages and the bitch never called me back. Stupid fag. I can’t wait till he gets online on Monday so I can fucking bitch at him. God that just pisses me off.

You know what else pisses me off. Stupid people that I work with. I sent this guy a Wiki Doc with SiteIDs.. (Wiki is basically a paage anyone can change to update, etc). He e-mails me back saying. “That page has old info”.

I just want to e-mail him back and say. “The fucking fix it”. You asked for the information, i sent it to you. I fucking spent a WEEK gathering that information and putting it into there, it is NOT OLD. And if you fucking think it’s old, then do your fucking job and update it you stupid fucker.

Sorry, this guy just hits a spot in all of us SAs. He calls at 1 or 2 in the morning for STUPID problems. He NEVER calls the right person, he IMs you on the weekends or whenever he damn well pleases and expects an INSTANT responce, and if you don’t give him one he freaks out. Then when you DO reply to him he often doesn’t get back to you for hours.

I put up my christmas tree yesterday, put some garland/lights on my mantle, and put lights in my slider door. I’d like to do more then that, but just not in the mood to spend that money. I have too many other things to pay for right now.

My cat has been throwing up hard core style lately. I’m going to take her to the vet here soon.

And I broke my classes today. Thankfully I have my contacts and my old glasses to wear till I get my FB card and can get a discount at Pearl Vision. Fuck you company for not having vision insurance!

Speaking of companies. I got an e-mail from a guy I interviewed with back in April ’04. He’s adding a new SA job to his company and offered me the job. I musta made a good impression when I was here for him to keep my information around that long! I’m going to e–mail and ask for some more information. Though I don’t think I’ll go with it as I didn’t really like the office when I was there last time, plus I don’t really want to change jobs, unless I’m moving out of the OC.


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Nice Christmas list. I take one of everything below the Kaiser as well. I wish I had someone from around here to play chess with.

So how did you break your classes, oh I mean your glasses, lol.

And it sounds like Joshua is a tease perhaps?

lets petition the government to contain all stupid people to one state. some state that no one really likes… WAIT!!! better yet – lets send all the stupid people to canada! no one likes canada anyways. once we get them there, we can kick them and pour soy sauce in their eyes.

Tom, the nose bride part broke off from the rest of the lens area. So yeah… I look so horrible in my old glasses though. I can’t believe I ever wore these things! lol.

I think this Joshua is just a jerk.

Oh, and I totaly love playing chess.. it’s been about 4 years since I last played though so I’d probably have to be retaught everything.. My psychologist was actually the one who got me started when I was about 12. haha. Talk of random places to learn !

I love Canadia! Besides if you put them all in one state when we have an election they will be a powerhouse state since there is so many of them!

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