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Paris Day 2&3

Well, we leave for the airport tomorrow. I’m both ready to go home and don’t want to leave. We’ve had a really fun time while being here. Yesterday was the Louve, the Pompidou and some random gay cafe… All of it was really fun and cool.

Today was the Musee D’Armie to see Napoleon’s tomb, which was HUGE! Then we went to the catacombs which was fun and then off to Musee D’Orsay which was really fun as well. We got done with all that early so we went up to this crazy Church up above the city. It was really pretty up there, apparently lots of people go there to make out. I can see why.

We also went to the sex area and had a few dancers try and lure us into the clubs. One even grabbed my arm and started to drag me! I was like, go away! I’ve bought presents of everyone that’s getting one. So that’s good.

I’ve had a great time and wish there was more time here… My feet hurt so bad as well as my back and my knees.. Ok, well basically everything hurts. But we’ve packed in like a weeks worth of shit into a long weekend. I’m also glad that Andrew was here, because it’s good to finally have that last bit of closure in things. Everything is finally over with. I honestly don’t even find him attractive anymore, and he’s very self centered which is really fucking annoying me this weekend… So now I can finally move on without even the wondering if something might happen again. Because it won’t.

Anyways. He needs to use my computer now. So I’m breaking.

See you all on Tuesday morning!

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