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Coffee Table

Well, a year to the day after moving into my apartment, I now have a fucking COFFEE TABLE! Yay.

I got home last night and was getting my mail and saw this awesome (however beat up) coffee table in the trash. So I stole it.

I put the first coat of black on it last night and am going to do the second coat tonight. Then Red on Saturday. It’s going to be so pretty. It already looks really good with just the black on it. 🙂 The damn thing weighs a TON though, and it’s HUGE. Almost too big for my apartment, But that’s ok.

Yep, that’s my life!


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I think you should quit your computer job and become a Professional Dumster Diver. I hear in England they do it quite often, you can run from France over to there and have a career…hehe

Now there is an idea. Sell it on Ebay and say you got it out of a famous someone’s garbage and you could sell it for a couple thousand.

Dumpster diving can be fun and rewarding — if you don’t mind the sh*t you come across. I think its illegal in Cali though, or at least you can be harrassed a lot if you get caught… with that said, the table looks good, I would not belive you found it on the trash if I didn’t know you.

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