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Vote YES! Vote NO!

ARG! I can’t WAIT till this damn election thing is over with. Last night I was watching the West Wing and there was an entire commercial break with nothing but Vote Yes/No on Such and such prop. There were even TWO commercials back to back for the same DAMN PROP! One said Vote No, the other Yes… Yet they didn’t really tell you WHY you should vote yes or no. And some of the damn commercials I walked away asking myself if they wanted me to vote yes or no on them. WTF people?!

Lets see… I’ve been getting very lazy/forgetful lately. Like yesterday afternoon after I got home from my bike ride.. I left my key in the front door. I found it this morning… And I’ve been leaving the slider door open all night and all day.. During the week.

Not much else going on. I made Salisbury Steaks this weekend, so yummy. 🙂

Has anyone else seen these Counter Countereit Commision commercials? Does anyone ACTUALLY buy these DVD’s telling you how to tell a counterfiet mini from a real thing?

Also, we all know how much I HATE the fact that the stores start pushing christmas so early. But it’s just 10 times worse when people ALREADY have thier fucking christmas lights and shit up and HAVE THEM ON! Comon people!

And lastly, the tentative plans for Paris are here. Very exciting! 10 days!

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I’ll agree with the commerical thing. Waterloo wants to form it’s own Muncipality but of course Qwest and Mediacom are against it. They have paid commericals calling themselves the Concern for Taxpayers or something like that.

I think it is bullshit companies get away like that by not reviewing themselves to the public.

So what floor do you live on? I will either sneak in through the patio door or maybe the front door if you are going to be leaving the key in it. Lol

I was unaware of such commercials, though depending on the cost, I might

be inclined to purchase such DVDs.

It would be sweeeeeet

Yeah, Political Commercials are always so horrible, You can rarely tell who’s actually running for it and they don’t tell you SHIT about what you are voting for! I wish there were some way to really change that, but I can’t see a way to do it.

I’m not saying what floor I live on, and now that this is out in the public, i’ll be sure to double check everything. 🙂 I just can’t beleive how forgetful i’ve been lately with those things!

And the DVD’s are like $19 or something. But the commercials are HORRIBLE. It’s like, HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL A REAL MINI!?!


i need a key for your house, so i can sneek in and sneek in your bed, but you wouldnt like that, you didnt like it the last time,so you wouldnt like it the next..hehe j/k,i almost have the address memorized too…i should post it on here one day. 🙂

If you move to the area, maybe you can have a key. 😉

But please don’t put my address! I don’t want people to know where I live.

I already give out too much personal information on here as it is!

Well that takes all the fun out of it.

Besides I don’t think I will be flying anytime soon to Calfornia.

But don’t feel bad, I have forgotten keys in things like that too.

I don’t think the commericial is a joke. I’ve read about the CCC and it seems like they do a lot of these commercials, it just happens that the Mini Cooper is the one they are targeting now. Even if it is a joke, why would someone spend money to make a commercial like that?!

People seriousy have their lights on already? Now that is crazy and

wasteful. Doesn’t it also take away from the specialness that is the

holiday seasons when they start so early?

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